Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tales from the Wyrdwood

Can I just direct anyone who is interested to my "twin" site that concentrates on my novel, The Skinny Twig Man, the first of the Tales from the Wyrdwood. It's a gothic children's fantasy that hopefully has resonance with the old Grimm tales but for a newer audience. Depending upon how it's received I'll see about putting the other chapters up.

Bada Bling!


Lynn said...

Read the Prologue to the Tiddlies last night ... now need the next installment. Kept changing the way I pronounced "Wyrd" - what's correct?

Jo Bling said...

Heya Lynn

It's pronounced weird, as in the said same word! Hope it doesn't give them nightmares, as it's supposed to be quite dark. Next installment should be up by the weekend. Many thanks for the feedback!

Lynn said...

Thanks. I probably said "weird" in one of my pronunciation attempts. They're quite used to nightmares after I've read Harry Potter, and they've watched Dr Who, Pirates of the Caribbean, et al, Wicked Mother that I am.

'ere, I had another pronunciation query way back on your very first blog.

Wish us luck for tomorrow, we're running in the Oxted Pram Race, a daft thing to embark on at my fitness level. Hey Ho - it's for charity!

Jo Bling said...

That looks smashing fun, Lynn! There's some truly grotesque looking folk on the photos there, but I suspect that might be down to the physical exertion + alcohol x make-up!

AJ loves Pirates of the Carribean, indeed at EuroDisney it was the ride that he went on more than any other. Jack Sparrow is his hero and rightly so I might add.