Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Somebody shot my cat

So, some turd shot my cat the other day.

Ernie (for that's his name) is currently at the vets, doped up to his eyeballs and awaiting surgery on Friday. He's been shot just where the tail meets the body, he's a fractured vertebrae, has lost quite a bit of blood, and is on anti-inflammatories and pain relief. On Friday they're going to be operating on him, cleaning the shrapnel out (they don't know what kind of firearm caused it yet) and then amputating his poor tail.

Yes, would happily have my hands around the throat of the sick scumbag that did this, but chances are slim. Police will be following up with an investigation, but I personally will be using the platform of Frankenstein's Cat to get a message out there to kids who can get access to firearms, be they BB guns, air rifles or bigger beasts. If it's at all possible I'm going to try and align myself with Cat and Cruelty to Animals charities to raise awareness of this kind of thing. I find it baffling that any sane-minded person could harm, injure or even kill a family's dear pet.

With Frankenstein's Cat starting transmission in February there's a chance I can direct a bit of publicity on this and highlight a very real problem.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa's Hapless Helpers online!

The Festive animated short that we've produced with Qurios Entertainment is now live at HD Greetings website. Call by, enjoy, and send it on to loved ones, friends and foes. It's a smaller piece of a bigger project, featuring the Helpers and their various screwy exploits. Those of you who've followed badablingthing since I first started posting will be aware of the property, and the characters in particular. The ambition is that we present this to a broadcaster as a proposal for Christmas interstitials, idents, and potentially a half hour family film.

Terrific work by all the chaps at Qurios and yet again it's been an absolute delight to work with them, long may it continue. The short is 30 seconds long so don't worry about having to endure a mammoth bum-numbing viewing. Just make sure you click on the Helpers link when you get to the site if it doesn't come up automatically.
In other announcements, I'm going to be doing a characters design workshop at the beginning of February at the ANIMEX FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION, as well as a talk with producer Jackie Edwards on how we got Frankenstein's Cat from the book to the screen. Always a pleasure to return there and catch up with Chris Williams and his gang, plus the fellow speakers. Furthermore, a week later, I'm off down to ANIMATED EXETER to hold similar workshops there. Should be a busy fun-filled month!
Bada Bling!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hark the hairy Jobling sings!

It's that time of year again. Well, almost. Things are busy busy busy in Bling's Workshop...


The nice chaps @ TOY2R, creators of ubercool toy accessory QEE, are close to releasing the vinyl Biteneck Beatniks Ron Go Bongo toys. Should see them in toy and comic shops early in the new year, followed by a green and a red variant to start with.


The clever fellows @ Yamago have come up with an online game for Frankenstein's Cat, as linked here. Though simple enough at first glance, it's actually a rather good memory game that should hopefully amuse parents as well as children.


I shall be at BORDERS PRESTON doing signings this coming Saturday 8th January, and the following Saturday 15th I shall be signing at BORDERS BIRSTALL outside of Leeds off the M62. I'll be there with plenty of Frankenstein's Cat books to personalize and deface, as well as the first few episodes of the animated series so that audiences can get a sneaky peek preview of what's in store!

The pictures above are from signings in Warrington and this last week @ BORDERS CHESHIRE OAKS. Thanks to the wee ones for enduring having their photographs taken next to a pumpkin-headed author type.

Bada Bling!