Thursday, April 28, 2011

You wait all day for a lion to turn up, then two arrive at once!

Please can I assure you that I don't have a fixation with all things leonine. It might look that way with the two lion-related titles coming to the fore this year, but that was utterly unintentional. On a completely different note, look out for my new picture book, "Lying Lionel, the Linedancing Lion". Out at all (not very) good bookshops now!
Here's the cover art for "Wereworld: Rage of Lions", designed by super clever Patrick Knowles and illustrated by the fabulous Andrew Farley. Both Patrick and Andrew worked on the cover of the first book, "Rise of the Wolf", so it was great that Puffin were able to secure their services once again on the follow-up. The book is available on preorder from most online booksellers, including Amazon so do snaffle your copy now. I've been very busy this last month completing the black and white chapterhead illustrations for the interior of the novel, as well as working on Book Three. Progressing very nicely, am around 44,000 words into the first draft.

And who's this little chap? It's RAA RAA of course! He'll be hitting the tellyboxes on CBeebies very shortly, May 9th I'm led to believe. And if you want to get a sneaky preview of my new preschool show, pop onto Facebook and have a look at the Official Raa Raa fanpage there - there's a teaser of the show you can see, featuring Raa Raa and all his friends in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Bada Bling!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing writing writing...

I haven't been up for air recently with the blog posts - I've been working on the edit of the second Wereworld novel, "Rage of Lions," which will be published in the UK on July 7th. The edit for this came smack-bang in the middle of writing book three, which has been a big fat bunch of fun. With the editing complete (on my part) I'm back to bk3 tomorrow and really rather looking forward to it.

Being spoiled rotten on the idiot lantern lately with some quality telly finding it's way into my head. Have been hearting "Treme" in a very big way - sends me back to my visits to Louisiana as a guest speaker of the Red Stick Animation Festival in Baton Rouge. Although this is New Orleans and not BR, it's somewhere I was lucky enough to visit. My literary agent, John Jarrold, is a convert to that beautiful city, getting out there frequently to unwind. This only ever makes me envious as I'd love to get back there with Mrs Bling some day. In short, Treme is brilliant storytelling that delivers at a slow-burning pace. It's in no hurry, appropriately as it's New Orleans, and what else would you expect from the creators of The Wire?

"Boardwalk Empire" finale was last night. Yes please, sign me up for season two. Another show that's not worried about a sprint finish, it takes it's time building the characters and stories. Comparisons to The Sopranos are only to be expected, and that's no bad thing in my eyes. And "True Blood" season three came to a bloody conclusion last week too. I know! Who'd have thought a show about Louisiana, vampires and werewolves would be top of my telly list? Busy week's writing ahead of me.

The lovely Mrs Bling is taking my darling daughters camping for the week and leaving me free to write, with no distractions. This'll be a weird one. I'm used to spending the odd period of time away from home and family, but I'm not used to being left to rattle around alone for anything longer than a day. God knows what she'll return to - by friday I'll have probably pooped on the carpets, whizzed on the curtains, eaten the cat litter and thrown up on the sofa. I hope she's arranged for someone to call round and check on me each day...

Bada Bling!