Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wereworld: Rage of Lions, July 7th...

It's three weeks away now until the release of Wereworld: Rage of Lions so do take a look at the wonderful trailer the clever blokes at Qurios Entertainment have produced for the series of novels. I've been busy writing book three (as yet untitled although, fair's fair, I've a good idea of what it's called) in the last few months, while working on the final edit of RAGE with the wonderful team at Puffin. Have to admit I have a different kind of nervousness building as we approach publication day (7th July) - I'm very aware that with this being the sequel to "Rise of the Wolf", I need to raise my game, make sure the stakes are higher for Drew and his companions. Only hope I've acheived that, as the story certainly gets darker for all Wereworld's lead characters.

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion will have hit your tellyboxes by now too, certainly if you live in the UK. It's on weekday afternoons, CBeebies, at 3:30, and it's been really well received. The extensive work we did with speech and language therapists throughout the show's development has really helped to bootstrap the educational/developmental angle seamlessly into what's a fun and entertaining show for preschoolers. I'll be heading out to Cartoon Forum in Poland later this year with two other preschool shows to present. Fingers crossed that they're as well received as Raa Raa was! My four year old is currently marching around the living room shouting/chanting/singing/yodelling the "Raa Raa Beat" - apologies to parents everywhere if the earworm themetune has wormed it's way into your noggin ;-D

Been so swamped with the writing lately that I've not been "putting myself about" as much as usual, although that's about to change. I've got a number of secondary school visits coming up over the next few weeks, and will be doing my first public signings for Wereworld: Rage of Lions at Waterstone's Golden Square, Warrington, on 9th July, 1pm. If you're around, nearby, and want to meet a fat-faced author, do come along. I don't bite. Much.

Bada Bling!