Sunday, August 26, 2007

Crack open the paint pots!

Just got back from a family holiday to France which I can genuinely say is the first holiday I've been on in many a year where I've managed to completely switch off from my work. What a treat! Back in the groove now.

Booked flight and accomodation to get over to MIPCOM in Cannes in October where I'll be promoting work on BITENECK BEATNIKS, FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT and an (as yet still under wraps) new project in development. Hopefully have the development deal in place for that before I go.

My FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT art show is now in production, and these are the first three layouts. As mentioned previously I'm looking to produce 9 episode paintings that capture the show, and these will be reproduced as limited edition giclee prints for sale down the line. The art show itself will hopefully feature in galleries all over - do contact me if you're interested.
Also, I've stuck my details into FACEBOOK if anyone wants to find me and add me - there aren't many Curtis Joblings there I can assure you...
Bada Bling!