Sunday, June 24, 2007

10" Bart Simpson DIY QEE - "Bartneck Beatnik"

I've been asked to participate in a BART SIMPSON/FOX/QEE Project for the San Diego Comic Con 2007. The nice chaps at Toy2R, specifically Ray and Anko, sent out my "blank canvas" Bart maquette to paint up in a manner of my choosing. Seemed only obvious to do him in the style of the Biteneck Beatniks, especially with the obvious puntastic name for the characters doubled with the fact that Toy2R are releasing a series of Biteneck Beatniks toys, kicking off with a Ron Go Bongo.

If you're over in San Diego, do call by and take a look at the Qees. I shan't be there *sniff* but I hope they're well received. The hand painted toys will be auctioned off, with some of the proceeds going to the International Red Cross. Get bidding kids, it's a worthy cause and the toys are FAB!

Additionally, in other Biteneck Beatniks related news, I'm close to announcing a development deal for the animated series. We're working on a teaser trailer to take over to Cannes for MIPcom in October with a rather wonderful Canadian animation company. Ian Culbard is on board to share design duties, specifically for the backgrounds for the world of Chillville. Should be able to release more details very soonly...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

There's always next year...

Back from Annecy which was a tremendously fruitful trip, complete with some very interesting and exciting leads on new projects in development. FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT did not win, and possibly suffered from not actually being on the telly yet unlike it's competitors. CHARLIE & LOLA and SHAUN THE SHEEP snaffled the top TV prizes and very worthy winners they were too in my opinion.

Met up with Niel Bushnell and Gordon Fraser while out there (Farmageddon) and Chris Williams, director of Animex. It's fair to say that Niel (inadvertently) supplied most of the laughs and accompanying tears! Also caught up with the delightful Amid Amidi who spent most of the festival eating from what I could tell...

There was a terrific Stand for the Cat at the MIFA tent which was garnering some very enthusiastic responses. We had some cat pawprints graffiti'd onto the carpet in the tent leading through to the stand, plus one of the animators had done a bit of stealth tagging outside aswell. A nice vibe all round.

Thankyou to all the new (and old faces) I met up with and chatted with while out there. And to those of you who we're looking to work with in development, as the great MG would say.... : "Let's get it on!"