Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Annecy and signings

It's that time of year when Annecy awaits the arrival of the short, ginger crayonboy. I'll be travelling out to the Animation Festival next Wednesday, in the company of Qurios Entertainment director Niel Bushnell. Got a bunch of meetings set up with various industry bods to look forward to.

I'll also be doing some signings while out there at the Bonlieu Centre - we'll have Frankenstein's Cat picture books, limited edition art prints as well as my Ron Go Bongo Biteneck Beatniks vinyls. If you're at the festival, come along to the signing at 3pm on Friday 13th (zoinks!)

I'm also going to be judging a Create Your Own Frankenstein's Pet competition with the Warrington Guardian, as part of the Year Of Reading initiative. It's open to any schoolchildren in the Borough so do contact the Guardian for more details if interested - winners will receive a visit to their school from yours truly (fools!) where I'll do some storytelling and animation screenings for everyone.