Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loved him to bits???

Well, the stinky feline by the name of Nine has completed his run on Childrens BBC in the UK, all 30 episodes having been screened over the last 6 weeks. We've no proper indication yet as to how well it's been received, but I've had a few indicators from the various school visits, book signings and storytelling workshops I've done over the last few months. I've had kids singing the theme tune to me who don't know me from Adam so it seems to have struck a chord. For those of you who may not have seen it yet, do check it out on the BBC iPlayer where they're all being shown.

Frankenstein's Cat has also been chosen in competition for a Pulcinella Award at this year's Cartoons On The Bay festival in Salerno, Italy. It's pretty big news for us as it's probably the biggest dedicated animation awards festival in the world. Competition is fierce but, again, it's just nice to be in the mix.

Animex Animation Festival was it's usual bout of giddy fun and fantastic talks last month. Still recovering now... Also visited Animated Exeter for the first time too, which was a wonderful experience, thanks in no small part to the team who run it down there.

I've a couple of shows that are close to being optioned currently which I'll spill in more detail once the paperwork is signed off on, but it's good news - one's a preschool property and the other is a gothic fantasy live action series for older audiences. I'm also off to Aardman next week to work on a new preschool show I've got in development with them. It's a great opportunity for me to meet up with my old producer from back in the days of Bob the Builder, Jackie Cockle, who is senior producer of preschool at the studio now.

Last bit of news is I'm going to be appearing at the Red Stick Animation Festival in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, next month, holding talks and workshops for all who turn up. If you're in the States and fancy attending the festival, do come along, there are some terrific speakers lined up!

Bada Bling!