Sunday, October 28, 2007

RESCUE ROOKIES roar into life!

Parthenon Entertainment have optioned the rights to RESCUE ROOKIES from us, a preschool emergency vehicle led property for animation. With the help of uber-talented Qurios Entertainment in the UK we produced a teaser animation earlier in the year that was really well received, especially by Karina Stanford Smith and Carl Hall from Parthenon. You can find more out about Qurios directly from Niel Bushnell's Qurios Blog. Suffice to say we're all tremendously excited to be moving forward on this and have high hopes that we're going to be making a very special childrens show. It features the exploits of Bravo the Police Car, Skipper the Lifeboat, Flash the Fire Engine, Lulu the Ambulance and Birdseye the Rescue Helicopter.

Signing FRANKENSTEINS CAT in hometown

Had a very enjoyable day yesterday, Saturday, signing the newly re-released edition of FRANKENSTEINS CAT in Borders. We shifted close to 80 copies as well as selling out of CHEEKY MONKEY and MY DADDY too. I was also able to show the freshly completed episodes of the TV show which had children and adults alike stopping by to cop an eyefull! Roll on the UK transmission date of January on BBC1 and CBBC. The shows world premiere is just round the corner on France 3, this coming Halloween!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Marvellous MIPCOM

Returned from my trip to MIPCOM in Cannes yesterday and feel both knackered and also tremendously invigorated. I got to meet with broadcasters, production companies and distributors to talk about the new show, BITENECK BEATNIKS, as well as pitch my even newer ones too. Having attended Kidscreen Summit in New York and Annecy in France this was another beast altogether. There were literally hundreds of organisations there, all pitching new shows/properties or searching for them as well.

Meeting with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, RDF Media, TV Loonland, Teletoon, Cookie Jar etc all left me with a toasty feeling inside and I've come away with confidence high. It's now, I hear, that one has to have the real energy, as initial interest is followed up.

Anyone interested in getting a show off the ground, I heartily recommend going. There's no better trade fair from what I can tell. I'd put some pictures of the place on here if I'd only taken a camera! :-)

Bada Bling

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Work in progress

This trio of doodlings are the latest in the FRANKENSTEINS CAT art show series. Obviously we're a way off completion yet but, as with the previous three, I'll try and scan them as I go along to show their development. Am currently undecided about the title on "FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH PART NINE". Quick straw poll from you lovely people if you have an opinion on this - what would look best?

FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH or FRIDAY 13TH? I tried it with roman numerals already and that in itself was distracting. The "13TH" would certainly free things up from looking cramped, but the "THIRTEENTH" ties things in with the NINE below. Sorry if I'm babbling - opinions?

Off to MIPCOM this coming weekend. If anyone will be over in Cannes at said market do let me know and give me a shout and we'll be sure to hook up for a mocha chocca latte ya ya!

Bada Bling!