Thursday, September 20, 2007

Biteneck Beatniks on You Tube


I know a few people had difficulty downloading it from Sardine's website, so try this link to youtube instead, should be available for viewing there.

Frankenstein's Cat art show is effectively 1/3 complete! Below are the first three paintings, still moist with paint I can assure you. These three will be reproduced as art cards to take out to MIPCOM in a couple of weeks, freebies to give away to broadcasters, distributors, production companies, suggestible bartenders and the like. Thereon in I'll hopefully be able to take a bunch of them with me to book signings and the like.

As soon as the 9th painting is complete I'll be able to list pricings for both the original paintings as well as the limited edition giclee prints. Enquiries are, as ever, jolly welcome :-)

Bada Bling!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Biteneck Beatniks teaser trailer ONLINE!!!


As I believe I've mentioned recently (just a bit) I've been working on the teaser trailer for the BITENECK BEATNIKS animated series. Sardine Productions in Canada are the prod company and while I've been taking care of the characters Ian Culbard has been designing the backgrounds. The end result looks very groovy and we're tremendously pleased with it - we just need to see how things go next month at MIPCOM in Cannes now. As you can see the teaser is now up and running so do take a look.

Thanks to Nik's pestering in my last post, here's some of the work in progress on the FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT art show. This is the way I work, starting with the darker colours that make up backgrounds and then building lighter. Also, you can probably see I start at the rear of the image and work forward through every component through to the foreground. More often than not this means that the characters are the last things that get illustrated, but by that stage it's usually quite exciting for me to see the painting finally come together.

Ahead of MIPCOM we're looking to get some postcards done of these first 3 paintings to promote the show, as well as possibly feature the originals at a CCI cocktail party. Either way I'll be making sure I get a bunch of the cards myself for future promo ops, and certainly to bring along to signings.

Bada Bling!