Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bart Simpson Art Exhibition

Wrapping up on coverage of the Bart Qee here at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles , the wee fellas having just featured at San Diego Comic Con.

More than 50 customized 10" Bart Simpson Qees will be on display from artists all over the world including works by: Matt Groening, Attaboy, Tyson Summers, adidas, Moody, Sam Fout, Jim Koch, Nicoles Chevallier, David Lanham, DYZLA, Lounge Kat, Triclops, Matt Sharp, Mark Nagata, Doink, Veggie Something, Baby 168, Inu Art, SashaHuber, Vincent Skoglund, ODM, Colette, KW, ColorWeekly, Thick Magazine, Nada One, Joey Potts, DGPH, Akira Yamaguchi, B, Wing, October Toys, AlanYip, Bernhardt Geyer, Chad Carothers, Toy2R and many more!!

About Meltdown Comics: Meltdown Comics is the largest comic book shop on the West Coast, located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. Meltdown opened in 1993 and has since become one the most respected comic book stores inthe world. With a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations– and a reputation for hosting successful events in their Melt Gallery– Meltdown is a must-see pop culture destination in Los Angeles.

In short, Meltdown Comics is somewhere I'd really like to visit! Won't be there myself but anyone who checks in here who is LA based (and I know there are a few) then do call by for a look-see. Speaking of the Simpsons am hoping to catch the movie this week if I can persuade Nanny to look after the grandkids...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bada Bling/Curtis Jobling Official Website

... is now open for business!
The official website has indeed been a long time coming but hopefully is worth the wait. There's a comprehensive gallery section on there that will be getting work added to it as time goes by, including sketchbook sections too. There's also links to the Curios Cow animations that I did with Seed Animation, with thanks going to Morgan Powell of Seed for producing the website.
Hope it's well received!
Bada Bling!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Qee Bart Exhibition @ Taipei Toy Festival

The Taipei Toy Festival kicked off on 7th July and the Bartneck Beatnik DIY Qee appeared with the rest of the completed gang. Some great stuff there on show. After the Festival ends the show sounds like it's going to be split up, with some of the pieces going to a Hong Kong show and the rest appearing @ the San Diego Comic Con.

There's Bartneck, bottom row on the left!
Awww, bless...
Yow! Angry mob!!!

Was well received by all accounts anyway - just looking forward to my official BITENECK BEATNIKS toys coming out with Toy2R now.


I attended the Showcomotion Media Conference in Sheffield, UK, this week and found it to be rather ripping. It was a veritable Who's Who of the UK Broadcasting and Animation Industry. That's right. I said veritable. BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney - all the main players were in attendance. Then there were all the major UK studios and distributors too, including Aardman, Collingwood O'Hare, Mackinnon & Saunders (yep, that'd be us) etc etc. Tremendous stuff. If you're looking to break into kids tv and need to hear some words of wisdom, you can't go wrong by getting yourself along. Same place, same date, each year. Heartily recommended.