Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dead Red Ted & Ruby Red

Rather remiss of me but I noticed that there were two pieces from the BITENECK BEATNIKS that never made it to the pages of the blog, so for completism here's DEAD RED TED and RUBY RED. Like the other characters, they're a pair, and a more swingin' hepcat duo you'll struggle to find on this here blog. I'm not a cross-dresser by any means (cue a barrage of friendly catcalls) but if I had to wear a dress it'd be Ruby's chess patterned one. Swingin'!

With regards to the paintings from the art show, if anyone is interested in picking up one of the originals do feel free to contact me and we can have the talk about filthy cash. There are quite a few still available, but I can answer any queries if anyone has any.

Dug out one of my old sketchbooks from a few years back today that has all kinds of good stuff in, including my very first drawing of FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT. I'll try and get some pages scanned and whacked up onto Badablingthing asap.


paulhd said...

Think the BNBN's are my favourite project of yours (of course they're all fab!), I love that sort of macabre meets daddio cool, reminds me of Lloyd Lewellyn(spelling?!)

Ann said...

I love the BNBN's, great idea. Ruby looks one cool sassy chick, I want to be her.

Jo Bling said...

Hey Paul and Ann

I'm universally fond of ALL my projects, but the nice thing about the BNBN's was I didn't have to endure the input of anyone else while I did the paintings and developed it - it was an art show/personal project and as such I could do what the heck I liked with it.

As for LL, I love Dan Clowes' work so cheers ;-)

paulhd said...

Clowes is great isn't he, I'm still waiting for the big bumper LL collection. Do you like Mike Allred or J D King? They did some cool Beatnik stuff too.

dragonhead said...

Great paintings, they have a nice rhythm to them.

JavierOlivares said...

Beautifull stuff!!!
Like the RED paintings.

Jo Bling said...

Madman Mike Allred? Aware of his work but not a huge fan.

Hey Javier- good to hear from you again sir. Yeah, am a sucker for the reds too, they're nice n' saucy!