Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mr Gardener

If you bend your ear you might just hear
The sound of something snipping
Who’s this here with a pair of shears
Cutting, chopping, clipping?

Pruning the bush in no great rush
Mr Gardener briefly paused
When summer nears you’ll find him here
Tending topiary dinosaurs


With deep rumbling growls from its thick privet bowels
A mighty bush started to flex
Then it stirred into life, hell-bent on strife
A terrible topiary T Rex


Mr Gardener ran out with a shriek and a shout
Bounding blindly into the blizzard
Wearing nowt but a frown and a tasteful nightgown
He faced up to the large leafy lizards


These are excerpts from my "MR GARDENER" manuscript - I'd love to be able to print the whole thing but sadly I'd be afraid that it might get ripped-off (something that's happened before). Fear not, though, as I hope this tickles your proverbials anyway. The top painting is a rendition of a thumbnail the talented Ian Culbard did (do check out his blog via my links). From these early ideas Ian and I developed a show/series of stories that revolved around a street of weird inhabitants. One of the twists the show had was that each episode was written in rhyme.


dragonhead said...

Wow! Once again, you raised one notch up on the awesomeness level. :D It would be awesome if it was developed into a full show.

Yeah, I understand about not printing it for fear of being ripped off.

I like the feet of the T-Rex. :)

(Thanks for posting more of you stuff by the way. I'm loving it.)

Alina Chau said...

OOH!! Love your illustrations!! They are beautiful and fun little story!!

The Sheriff said...

I like Mr. Gardeners pipe. I'm sure that'll have to be digitally removed just like the guns in ET Special Edition.

Lynn said...

I’m going to show my Tiddlies your cute little rhyme,
I was gardening this morning, 5am the time!
Ross really likes dinos, so he’s gonna like your pictures,
Now he’ll probably want some as our garden fixtures!


El leo said...

hey bro, great color and textures!

good job!

Niel Bushnell said...

I've always liked the garden picture! Very nice, if somewhat cruel to bushes!

Cassie said...

Been to Butlins Skegness where we saw 'Bob' live on stage, a show not to be missed!!! How is Mrs Bling blooming I hope.

Jo Bling said...

Mrs Bling is blooming marvellous, Cassie, thanks for asking. Fidget is due at the beginning of October.

Nice to hear from you Alina and good to hear back from you El Leo. Sheriff, I'd like to think the Pipe could stay but I reckon it's gonna have to go *sniff*

Bushnell, sir, your name betrays your shrub-loving sympathies!

Angel said...

What a treat!
If I were you I would not post it for the very same reason, plus...the copyright, yada, yada. Did you write the lyrics - its so very well written? Thanks for sharing!

Goobeetsablog said...


these are beautiful.