Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh, Warry Warry Woe.......

Rather gutted as was supposed to be appearing at Borders Warrington to do book signings today. Set off in good time in my Polo only to have it break down every 2 minutes with the engine cutting out. End result was me cancelling the trip and now having to do it tomorrow from 12-2. Especially disappointing as it's Warrington, the town I grew up in, and I was looking forward to signing plenty of MY DADDY books ahead of Fathers Day tomorrow. Am sure it won't be as busy tomorrow but what can you do? Sod's law.

Above, by the way, are Warrington's Golden Gates, commissioned and subsequently turned down by Her Majesty Queen Victoria. The great (and dour) lady was a famously puritanical woman and it's clear that these gates were a bit too flash for her. Some smart-alec in Warry must have dived in. I can see it now: "Too klarty for her madge? GIVE 'EM 'ERE!"


Jo Bling said...

Signing went well, yesterday. Did, however, nearly get thumped when I had a bit of "banter" with a Widnes Rugby league fan, bitter rivals of my own team Warrington who play in blue and yellow. He asked if it was right that BOB THE BUILDER was a "wire", the nickname of Warrington's club. I said yes, the blue and yellow was a giveaway, plus Spud the Scarecrow's green and red scarf was our old away kit colours. He then proceeded to ask if all the baddies in BOB wear black and white (the colour of Widnes's kit).

I told him that considering he was from Widnes, his telly was probably black and white anyway so to HIM Bob would look like a Widnes fan! EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!!

Thankfully he was a top chap and banter continued as his wife tried to shut him up: "Will you be quiet - I'm trying to get him to sign a book!"

dragonhead said...

lol Gotta love rivalry over Bob.

Goobeetsablog said...


those gates are very tacky.
it's like a royal "garage sale"
of sorts them ending up there.


thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jo Bling said...

Yeah Brian, that's Warrington folk for you - famed for our gypsy-like ability to snaffle things that others don't want.

Ann said...

Oh dear. Just the sight of those gates again are enough to give me flashbacks to a dismal upbringing in Penketh. Shudder.

Having said, I can still remember when the gates were being done up in 1978/79 sort of time, my brothers dragging me along to show me the one of the angels holding a tin of paint in her hand. How we laughed.

Jo Bling said...


Aw, my sympathies on having grown up in Poor Poor Penketh. I was across the border in Sunny Sankey! ;-) Nice to see a Warry here!

Ann said...

It was a close call whether it was Penketh or Great Sankey where I lived, it's the best part of 20 years since I lived there.

I went to Penketh High, god that place was a right godforsaken dump, last time I looked languishing at the lower end of the league tables. Mind you, at least the uniforms didn't look like snot like Great Sankey High's did!!!

Anonymous said...