Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Biteneck Beatinks article in DPI magazine

OK, so my french is conversational idiotic at best so whatever you do please don't ask for me to translate this article. I DO have my English interview that I supplied the lovely folk at Taiwan's DPI magazine, but even with no knowledge of Taiwanese whatsoever I still suspect that this is better reading than my English waffle!

DPI is a mag that specialises in illustrators, graphic designers, vinyl toy creators and the like. I got a couple of copies through in the post over the weekend and I have to say it blows most UK and US mags out of the water. A real hefty tome, something that you could brain and hospitalise an intruder with, no worries.

If anyone CAN read what this article says, do let me know. I especially dig the fact that certain words/phrases aren't even attempted as translations :-)

Thanks to Jasmin @ DPI for all her help


Shawn said...

Great stuff!

I'm just learning about galleries. I'll keep you posted, and try to get your great art over here in the States!!!

Your pal,

I. N. J. Culbard said...

The article mostly talks about how unusually freckly you are. Oh, and there's a small bit at the end about Bob.

Only teasing.

Great stuff.

That's terrific exposure (said the park attendant to the politician).

belf said...

That's excellent man. I have a friend who might be able to read it, I'll pass it on and see if he can.


Jo Bling said...

Shawn, I'd appreciate it, sir!

INJun- the signing picture is evidence enough of my unusualm pigmentation. They'll be thinking I'm the Blackpool orangutan over there. And you should be auditioning for the new Carry On screenwriting credits with "exposure" gags like that! ;-D

Cheers M- for some reason it's not opening properly but you get the gist I hope.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

You are awful, but I do like you.

belf said...

Yeah he says he can't read it, it' s too small. Nevermind.

Goobeetsablog said...


it's always good to get some press.
it's a great spread too.


Jo Bling said...

I do have the transcript from a similair interview that ran in a British mag when the BB show first came out, but alas it's an Acrobat document and, me being a technically retarded numptie, I have no idea how to get the pages up on the blog.

Press is always welcome, especially when it's around something you enjoy doing. There can be bad press too, of course. I could have done without that article in the Evening Gazette about the Monkey Tennis tournament I'd arranged in Hartlepool. How was I to know that monkeys don't bounce??? That caused me no END of grief...

I. N. J. Culbard said...

well, if you were sensible and you'd bought a mac like I told you...

Can't you export the pages from the PDF as jpegs?