Thursday, March 16, 2006


Thought I'd make a wee break from the BB's ahead of the weekend as you're probably all beatnikked out if you've been following the Job-Blog. Normal programming shall resume shortly.

This, for the uninformed, is CURIOUS COW. Potted history consists of the fact that some 5/6 years ago I approached Nickelodeon with the concept for a series of interstitial animations (30 seconders) for them to drop amongst their programming. The idea they liked was this one. With the help of Mackinnon & Saunders we produced 6 shorts featuring the many bizarre deaths of this dimwitted bovine, superbly animated by the wonderful Stuart Sutcliffe.

Recently I got back in touch with them with some new ideas, but what did they say? "MORE COW!!!" This time round, though, they wanted a different medium as opposed to the original stop motion puppet ones. So, with Seed Animation, we produced 6 more in CGI. These were so well received that we were commissioned to do two more specials in time for Christmas 2005. Do follow the link in the control panel to Seed's website to see all the COW animations.

Off to New York tomorrow with my lady wife to visit galleries, eat some nice food and hopefully have a splendid time. Ergo, if I don't manage to do any updates on the blog, please be assured it's probably because I'm nursing my swollen torso from gorging on the all-you-can-eat Brazilian Buffet at the Plataformo restaurant... Yes, pity me, please do...

Bada Bling!


The Sheriff said...

Enjoy the Big Apple, hopefully we can catch up on your return. And remember... NO SHOE BOMBS!!!

Niel Bushnell said...

Have a good time matey!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Have a good and safe journey mate !!
I love Curios Cow me !!!

Jo Bling said...

"I love Curious Cow me!!!" Ahh, a true Boro-ism. Replace "Curious Cow" with anything that fits the locale. eg: Carpets, Parmo's, the Boro, Psyche etc etc