Monday, March 13, 2006

Control art

Late home this evening after having met up with Dave Mousley and Chris Lunt, two wonderful chaps from Manchester's Red Vision studio. They're responsible for the award winning and acclaimed effects on a great many projects, including the "Battlefield Britain", "Titanic- birth of a legend" and the magnificent "Touching the Void" movie. Looking to collaborate with them on a couple of projects in the very near future- watch this space!

Here's a look-see at the kind of control art I have to supply to Colin Batty, the uber-sculptor who worked on the Ron maquette for me. This is, in principal, the kind of art one needs to rustle up if you're trying to get your character turned around into an accurate model with as few problems as possible.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

"Titanic- birth of a legend" was a great documentary !! And "Touching the Void" was brill too !!
I always associate Colin Batty with the work he did for Halcyon Models,he sculpted the Alien Models that I bought when they came out,he's a great sculptor !!

Jo Bling said...

Colin, to me, was always the guy who sculpted the best animation puppets out there, having been the lead sculptor for Mackinnon & Saunders for so many years. He mainly works in toy manufacturing now, obviously collectable vinyl ranges and the like. I think he used to do the Halcyon ones way back as a bit of a gig on the side. He is indeed a fabulous sculptor and is always the first port of call for me when I want something realizing in 3D.