Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holy pixelated bongos! Animated Biteneck Beatnikkery!

STOP THE PRESS! Exciting news on the BB animation front. Well, it is for me, anyway. Ian Culbard, longtime chum, collaborator and all round top bloke, is getting his big wookie teeth into some animation tests of the band. Sent me through a wee flash loop of Bass Face plucking his guitar a la Paul McCartney this morning. Feeling quite giddy with the results, as it's fair to say the animation couldn't be in a safer (or hairier) pair of hands. Once we've got them jamming to a bit of jazz we'll have something to show folk. But you heard it here first.

Also, the BITENECK BEATNIKS art show will next be visiting Darlington Arts Centre in the North East of England, throughout May. If you're nearby, do pop along to see the originals.

This is Green Queen, guest fluortist with the band. And here we have another of Chillville's most devilish villains, the Diabolical Doctor Love. He's basically Barry White crossed with the devil, and yes, his power does indeed come from soul music, sweet soul music...

A lot of fun to design, Doctor Love's trademark chestwig is a bit of a giveaway as to his background.

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