Thursday, March 30, 2006


First bit of production art for MY DADDY was the painting that you see on yesterday's post (aside from the book that had obviously come out and is available from all good book sellers- just ask for it by name!) Ahead of this though I had to come up with some character designs for our leads.

The three girls who appeared in the book were aimed at a younger audience, whereas this film is aimed squarely at a family audience. My manuscript for the book had to be edited quite heavily from my original text, which, at the time, was deemed to be a bit too bonkers for a picture book. The script we're working with for the film is based on said bonkers script...

Three girls changed into two girls and a boy. While the two girls, HAMBEL and HELGA, trade verbal blows, young HUGO sits innocently nearby, oblivious to the battle of wills and simply content to play with his toy rocket.

So what's the deal with Hambel?

If anything, Hambel is the more conniving of the two girls, with a darker edge. There’s a cruel mind hidden away behind those gap teeth and jam-jar spectacles. She knows she can be cute and uses this to try and get away with misdemeanors. Unfortunately for her, Helga is immune to her charms.

Today's been a busy one as I had a script come through for a project I'm developing for (hopeful) broadcast. As we move forewards, again I'll post images from the show on the site. Well, we've got two writers from Newcastle working on the pilot, Andrews Mitchell and Smith, and I can safely say I laughed my proverbial pants off upon reading the script. We meet up tomorrow in Newcastle for a writers meeting, which promises to be a hooty toot time. I'll leave today's entry with my favourite line from the script:

"Ride like a bike for me, pig!"

Bada Bling!

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adriana juárez said...

I like so much your illlustrations! it's so funny!