Monday, March 27, 2006

LOST: One Fat Wallet....

That's right, ladies. Cry for me. Cry for poor poor Curtis.

Sad to say that Sunday was a pretty poop day, as had the great misfortune of losing my wallet outside Borders, Leeds. I know exactly where I dropped it and ran back a matter of minutes later - gone. No sign of it at Borders or the store next door. Which basically means some opportunistic toerag has my wallet.

It's not the cash that was in there. It's not the inconvenience of having to stop and re-order my cards. It's the fact that my kids' pictures were in there that ticks me off most of all. Fool.

Off to Bath tomorrow to record a couple of fine voice artists for the MY DADDY film. Shall update y'all on our progress, and the film itself, on my return. Off to scrape together some pennies out of the back of the sofa now....

Bada Bling!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's always the trouble with wallets,bags etc... Nobody gives a hoot what money they lose,most people don't carry huge amounts of cash if they have sense, it's more the inconvenience of replacing cards,and losing personel stuff,pics etc... Still you never know, somebody may still hand it it or contact you !

baboonplatoon said...

get the CCTV guys to search the high street for someone able to bench press more than 5000 lb! the only one i can think of who's capable of lifting your wallet is Mr.T, and i thought that you hired him to carry it for you in the first place ritchie rich!

just kidding man. that sucks.
really sorry to hear about the photos..
just tryin' to put a grin back on your big face.

Jo Bling said...

My wallet is/was indeed a thing of immense size, but rather than being full of lovely dirty cash it is/was instead packed to the rafters with receipt upon receipt. Not sure what some chav street urchin is going to do with a handful of F.A.O Schwarz receipts... I don't want to go there...

Andy G- I hold no hope of getting it back now, I'm afraid.

Andy S- Don't worry, your script was the perfect pick-me-up fella!

Eddie said...

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Best wishes,