Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BOOGIEMAN - Dawn of the Disco Dead

Busy day in production on MY DADDY, a short film in production with Seed Animation and Ian Culbard. We're hoping to replicate the painted characters I've developed as 3D CGI puppets using computer fandangled wizardry. The challenge is in capturing that painted look on the characters- not easy. Hopes remain high though.

The character of Bass Face, as featured in the blue painting, inspired the larger piece, "BOOGIEMAN- Dawn of the Disco Dead". More than that it's inspired the development work I've started on an initial comic strip of the characters, a WHOLE new ball game compared to other projects I've done in the past. I'm quite used to wearing lots of different hats to make a living, but producing anything remotely resembling a comic book has always been something I've yet to take a stab at. So bear with me- it could be hilariously bad!

But the painting itself features one of my favourite BB villains, Boogieman, a cross between Jackson 5 era Michael and John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever white suit. Obviously, he raises the dead by the power of disco. Obviously. So this first comic will be a zomborific affair, for all those zombologists out there (and I know you number many!) If I was ever to get into comics it'd have to be an undead-centric one. Either that or something involving sausage dogs.

If I can get the first model off the ground, Bass Face will follow next. He's mute, like all good bass players by the way. He provides the brawn in the band. And a neat line in polo neck sweaters. Nice.


The Sheriff said...

I like Boogieman - he needs to raise the entire cast of the Thriller video from the dead to do some Kerazy dance routine / martial arts extravaganza, narrated WWF style by Vincent Price.

The Beatniks could fight them off using whacked out free-form jazz tunes. For the true in-joke you should use some of Quincy Jones' early jazz arrangements like he did for Lionel Hampton. But that might be to much. All this talk of jazz makes me want to read some Kerouac and smoke some Gauloise cigarettes

Jo Bling said...

Yeah, Thriller did play a part in that one. I remember we did Thriller as a school play for assembly once in senior school. The school's resident extrovert nutter played "Michael". When it came to the zombie hoard jumping onto him to zombify him, some of the more rotten lads (geddit) decided to paste our hero. When it came to him getting up as a disco dancing deadite, he wasn't far off it, sporting genuine bruises and a monstrous limp.

Kids can be so cruel.