Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Preparing for gallery show

Gotta get all my BITENECK BEATNIKS paintings packed up ready to ship to the Darlington Arts Centre for a show that kicks off there shortly. I've had a number pieces framed with these gothic gold finishes and I feel it really compliments the artwork. Very happy with them. These are the first two characters from the BB RED series of smaller pieces, SMOKIN' JOE and SCARLET HARLOT. The other four characters I'll get posted up in the coming days...

Cough still rotten and 'orrible, I guess I'm going to be spreading my foul germs on the train to London tomorrow. MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Bada Bling!


Cassie said...

Just read My Daddy & Dinosaurs to spotty one, have to read them together as her cousin wrote them!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Your top pic is bringing up a 'Not Found - Error 404' when it tries to link to the pic !!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

next show you do, paint the frames black. Same frames, but black. And make sure they're matte black, not gloss. black like a victorian parlour door black which you get in rooms with either green or red walls.

Other than that.... eye candy, beautiful, sweetly flavoured eye candy.

Don't say you never get nothing from me for free.


jobeykowski said...

I took your advice and created my own blog. I'm going to use it to put up all the stuff that may never see the light of day!

Hope you have a great time on the other side of the pond.



Jo Bling said...

Glad to hear the books are providing some comfort for the spotty one Cassie!

Glazy, I noticed that- am off out this morning dropping said paintings off for a show at Darlington Arts Centre but if I have a moment this afternoon I'll see if I can re-blog them.

Ian, I actually have a few pieces framed in matt black at home, just not BBs. I'll try that when i do the Black Beatniks, which are basically going to be just a black and white series of paintings. I did an original BB a while back that is really different from where they ended up, very gothic. I'll try and dig it out at home and get it on here for your perusal. Thanks for the kind words big man.

Jobey, good to see you sir and very pleased you're blogging your work too. Great opportunity to let folk know what you're up to.

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