Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dream On Silly Dreamer

For anyone who hasn't taken a look at their site, can I direct you to the DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER official pages, as linked in the nav-bar. If you're a fan of illustration/animation/movie making and old school Disney it's a must.

Tony West and Dan Lund produced and directed this film that was given it's world premiere at the Animex International Festival of Animation last year. Since then it's gone on to all kinds of festivals around the world and even picked up an Annie recently, the animation industry's equivalent of an Oscar. It's a documentary that charts the demise of Disney's 2D studios and is told from the POV of animators from the US and Europe. It's not simply fascintating because it charts the downfall of what was once such a wonderful insititution, but is heartbreaking as you hear the animators talk of their dreams tumbling down around their drawing boards. These guys had the dream gigs, thought they were in jobs for life working for the studio who they had grown up idolising.

Met Tony and Dan at both Animex and Red Stick and am hoping to catch up with the more hirsute one, Mr West, at Red Stick in a couple of weeks. Both absolutely top chaps.

Aside from that, I've been Bobbing today, but have to say I'm feeling rougher than a dingo's backside, very rotten and fluey and in need of prolonged sleep. Goodness knows what's wrong with me. I knew I shouldn't have cuddled that swan, last week........

Bada Bling!

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