Friday, January 07, 2011


Well, it's out there. My wolf has left the cave and entered the wider forest. "Rise of the Wolf" was officially released yesterday into the wild and is now snaffleable by anyone who wants it. You can find it at any good bookseller on the high street or online so do let me know how you get on with it.

Yesterday was a splendidly surreal day, starting with champagne breakfast. Three glasses of bubbly in my tummy and I had to take my girls to school. We got there in the end, although I don't think they appreciated me stumbling through bushes and hedgerows and turning up at the school gates with nests in their hair. By 9:30 I was fit for no purpose and quietly sat down at the kitchen table to regather my thoughts and coordination. I was in fine fettle by the afternoon and Mrs Bling and I spent the evening having a splendid meal at TOM @ 101 in Stockton Heath, ending in a chocolate orange creme brulee which was indecently marvellous.

Thick head is subsiding this morning as I get back to work.

You can also get WEREWORLD on Kindle too - thanks to Chris Taylor-Davies @CTD on Twitter for sending me this piccy of his "first edition!" Its the Dark Arts to me, all smoke and mirrors!
Also, visit the Official Puffin Wereworld Website for all kinds of interactive goodies and exclusive articles. You can also become a fan on Facebook too on the Official Facebook Wereworld Page.
Currently preparing for the book tour, as mentioned in my previous post, where I'll be making whistlestop visits to schools and libraries across England in the middle of January. If you're interested in contacting me regarding availability to come to your school, college or festival please do get in touch either on here or via email to and I'm sure we can sort something out - talks usually cover my work in animation as well as publishing.
Right, enough jollity - back to work for me. This is the first Christmas period I've taken off for years and, wonderful as its been, I'm itching to get writing again.
Bada Bling!


VildesVerden said...

Congratulations! Will definately give it a go.

Jo Bling said...

Do please, Vildes! Hope you like it.