Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm hoping to be able to post an update each evening this week after my adventures on the book tour conclude each day, but it's wishful thinking the way I feel currently. Thoroughly pooped after a hectic day. We started off the tour at St Anne's RC High School in Stockport, my guinea pigs for a new talk. Covered the animation work in the beginning before moving on to a "Hairy Man or Wolfman" pop quiz which went down a treat. Ended on a reading of Part One, Chapter Three from Rise Of The Wolf: "The Visitor." Signed a bunch of books, the staff and pupils were lovely and then it was back to Warrington.

The afternoon was spent at my childhood school, Penketh High, and I was convinced the kids had been prompted to cheer wildly upon my entrance, only to be told it was impromptu and unexpected. Returning as I was as the conquering hero, the rest of the talk went terrific. Very sparky and engaged, with some great questions from the kids although too many centering around my apparent love of JLS...

The evening involved a trip to Waterstone's in Warrington where we held an open public signing session, including a bit of doodling followed by the reading. The kids were younger here, mainly primary school level - just hope I haven't given any of them nightmares. Was also delighted to see Warrington Wolves present, including Wolfie, the Challenge Cup, Ben Westwood and Ben Harrison. Top chaps all of them and many thanks for turning up. Cheers to chums Pip, Sarah, Danny and their kids for turning up, as well as all the children who came tonight outside of school and before bed!

Preston tomorrow. Watch this space.

Bada Bling!


Niel Bushnell said...

Hairy Man or Wolfman: is this just photos of various parts of the author at close range?

Sarah C said...

T'was a wonderful evening Mr Bling, thank you muchly x