Saturday, January 22, 2011


Thursday was an early start down to Wolverhampton ("It's great down 'ere, innit?") Visited Moreton High in the morning and Deansfield High in the afternoon. Debbie Haynes chaperoned myself and Jayde from Puffin around for the day, representing Wolverhampton Childrens Book Group, a great organisation who do some terrific work bringing books to a wide audience. Thanks to Faye from Waterstone's for being present with her cashbox!

After Wolvo it was down to London where Jayde passed the Jobling baton over to Vanessa who handled the last leg. Spent the evening in Ipswich and visited Copleston High in the morning, speaking to an audience of 300. Then it was on the train north to local rivals Norwich, speaking at Catton Grove Primary to various primary schools. Thanks to Rob Welton and Tasha from Jarrold's for organising the event - another awesome independent bookseller.

The train journey home was memorable - 5 hours with no buffet car or trolley. Thank goodness I had the (admittedly rare) foresight to pick up a fat pasty and bottle of water from Norwich.

Highlight of Friday was a little girl asking me to write down my favourite line from Rise Of The Wolf alongside her dedication. Took me completely by surprise, excellent stuff!

"They're chanting for their king."

Bada Bling!


Faye said...

I really enjoyed both Wolves events and it was lovely to meet you and Jayde! Take care,
Faye xx

Jo Bling said...

Hi Faye

Bless you m'dear, was great to have you on-board! Hope the signings earned you big brownie points in the book store!