Friday, December 17, 2010


Tis the season to watch my favourite Will Ferrell film, sorry.

3 weeks away from publication date for "WEREWORLD: Rise of the Wolf" - 6th January - and it's all getting very exciting.

SPINEBREAKERS - Win Yourself Were-d
If you're a budding illustrator or you just like the idea of doodling a werewolf, check out the exclusive competition that Spinebreakers are running, whereby you send your own drawings of Drew, the lycanthrope hero of Wereworld, in to be considered. Be warned though, if you win you get a doodle sent back by me featuring your good self hairified!

All a bit thrilling and new to me, a BLOG TOUR where I'll be starting off a mob drawing of a werewolf and sending it on to a number of participating Young Adult/Fantasy bloggers. Check out the folk taking part on Once Upon A Bookcase's blog and you can chart the drawing's progression. This could be hilarious!

I'll be spending a week on the road in the middle of January promoting the novel all over the shop.
17th Jan AM - St Anne's RC High School, Stockport
17th Jan PM - Penketh High School, Warrington
17th Jan EVE - Waterstone's bookshop, Warrington
18th Jan AM - Our Lady's RC High School, Preston
18th Jan PM - St Mary's Hall, Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe
19th Jan AM - Wirral Boys Grammar School
19th Jan PM - East Manchester Academy
20th Jan AM - Moreton High School, Wolverhampton
20th Jan PM - Deansfield High School, Wolverhampton
21st Jan AM - Copleston High School, Ipswich
21st Jan PM - Catton Grove Primary, Norwich

Each event will feature a wee retrospective of my work in animation, a powerpoint quiz about werewolves (!), readings from the novel, therianthrope drawing and booksignings. Should be a hoot!

Putting my hairy hobbit feet up over Christmas having delivered the first draft manuscript of the sequel to Puffin this week too. Time to hit the Chocolate Oranges methinks!

Bada Bling!


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