Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rise of the Wolf on Waterstone's Prize shortlist

Great news yesterday, when Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf was named on the shortlist for the 2011 Waterstone's Book Prize. The ceremony will be in a month's time at the flagship store in London Picadilly, so looking forward to a jaunt to the capital at the beginning of February. I know it sounds corny but it really is the taking part that matters - I'm tremendously flattered that the book has been chosen on the shortlist and simply being involved is a huge buzz.

Popped into Waterstone's in the Trafford Centre yesterday as Mrs Bling and I were having lunch over there and couldn't resist popping in to see them on display. I possibly speak on behalf of all the nominees when I say it makes such a difference seeing your novel on a stand-alone display, front-of-store. Hopefully the interest in the books sees them all go on to be big successes.

Just to clarify, by the way, no, I know, I'm not an animator as quoted in most of the news articles - its a job in animation that I only briefly flirted with at art college many full moons ago - I don't think I'd have the patience to actually animate, let alone the skill. It's the designing of Bob that I have to hold my hand up and accept responsibility for.

Speaking of which, I'm off down to Birmingham this Thursday to talk to the Animation Forum West Midlands about my work in animation as both a designer and creator of content, concentrating specifically on being a freelancer in a competitive creative industry. I'll be doing a little retrospective of my own work as well as highlighting the things one has to do to not only get a foothold in the industry but also to climb the ladder.

Lastly, once the excitement of next week's Wereworld Book Tour (details here) I'll be looking forward to Animex International Festival of Animation at the beginning of February. Ordinarily I'd be doing a workshop on the Wednesday but as this clashes with the Waterstone's Book Prize bash I won't be able to run one. I shall, however, be present from the Thursday and will be appearing on any panels Festival Director Chris Williams wants me on. Get along, it's a fantastic affair!

Bada Bling!


YA Yeah Yeah said...

Best of luck! Incredibly strong shortlist, have read Wereworld, Beautiful Lie and Mortlock and all would be worthy winners, although Wereworld would be my personal favourite. (I'm not just saying that on this blog, honestly!)

Jo Bling said...

You can say that on here, don't worry, nobody reads it! ;-) The competition is indeed strong. Let me know if you want to do a Q&A at any point in time on either BookBag or the new blog, chum, and I'd be happy to oblige.