Friday, March 02, 2007

Surprise Endings

Well, it was World Book Day on Thursday of this week, and I've been visiting a couple of schools to celebrate said event; Hemlington Hall in Middlesbrough and Selby Abbey in Selby. A big thankyou to all the teachers and kids who made me feel so welcome. Special thanks to the boys in Hemlington who reminded me when drawing Curious Cow that I'd forgotten to add "his dangly milking bits!" I kid you not. Neither me nor the teachers knew where to look!!! :-D

One of the messages I tried to get across to the children was that good stories have surprise endings. In the case of "Frankenstein's Cat" there are two for the price of one. First off is the one below, where when Nine asks the Doctor to make him a companion to his horror the Doctor reveals Frankenstein's Dog, Fifi!

Then at the very end of the book there's a final reveal with the message: "What you get isn't always what you ask for - just bear that in mind when you ask for a puppy next Christmas" The page is turned and there's an endpaper piece of art with Fifi leaping out of the box and sending the three sweet kids sprawling:

I'm making a return visit to Borders Teesside Park tomorrow, Saturday 3rd, doing signings and doodlings again directly connected with World Book Day. If anyone is around it'd be lovely to see you there - shall be in situ with my Venti Vanilla Latte from around 11am.


Gordon Fraser said...

It's a miracle you got out of Hemlington Hall alive !! (I ordered my oldest to take you out but unfortunately the metal detectors dicovered her concealed sniper rifle)

I think you did a talk with the reception youngest was meant to be there but was poorly sick!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Gordon do they still play that 'Battle Royale' game down at that school every other Friday !

Curtis I sent the other pics through,hope you got em all OK !?

.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

These illustrations are awesome!!
I really like also the frankenstein and your t-shirt for threadless contest!!
Good luck!

Jo Bling said...

Gordon - I had a couple of parents from Hemlington call in at the signing today, and very pleasant they were too. I hope they do have me back as it was a nice school and the teachers seemed a cracking bunch.

Glazey - I got the pictures through mister man, thank you so very much :-)

Chaosboy - cheers man! Sadly the Threadless shirt was a no-go in the end but i do intend to get it printed regardless.

Belf said...

Wow there's a dog too! So is Frankenstein's Dog Frankenstein's Best Friend, or is it still Nine? :)

I live in the wrong part of the country for these book signings, don't I. Let me know if you do any in London!


Cassie said...

Is Nine going to have a Myspace site?

Alina Chau said...

great illos!! AWESOME and Congrat to your success!!

Jo Bling said...

Belf - I made it about as far south as Leeds for the signings so far. Would certainly like to do some in the smoke if the opportunity arises.

Cassie - he'll have a site of some sort. I was quite keen to set up a production blog but I reckon that'll come once the show is off the ground.

Alina - thanks as always my dear

Martin Hsu said...

Such wonderful and whimsical illustrations! I really liked your colors, too. fantastic :)

Josh Parpan said...

Great stuff as always Curtis! my eyes keep drifting down to that Frankensteins cat maquette, they did an amazing job with your design!

Moonwatcher said...

Brilliant work, my sister has some of your books for her kids.