Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frankenstein's Cat in competition at Annecy Film Festival!

We got some good news today - the CAT has been chosen to compete at the Annecy Festival this year, quite an achievement as we don't have a completed title sequence and end credits yet. Hopefully we'll have that sorted before the festival in June, fingers crossed...

Also, it's ambitious but I'm going to try and produce a new art show in conjunction with the series - 30 paintings for 30 episodes in a pastiche/homage of those old movie posters I love so much. It's a tall ask as time is pretty scarce as it is, but if I can try and forge on it might be a nice gallery event. Plus, if interest is there I'll be looking to get lithograph prints done of them in sets.
I've a particularly squidgy soft spot for THE WOLF MAN. Classic. Once I've got maybe 5 paintings done I'll pop them on here. The house move is around the corner though so don't expect them any day soon! :-)


Andrew said...

First! Oh wait, wrong blog.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I got a fab edition of Cinefantastique magazine in 1988 which had a great special feature on Movie poster artists of the 50's, movies like The invasion of the Saucer Men and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman etc..., I love old era movie posters,they're such fun.

Belf said...

That's great news about Annecy mate!

I can't wait for the festival! If it's anything like last year it'll be the highlight of the year!

All the best.

Ciaran said...

Thanks a million for the comment! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I'm so busy making my final film, I forget if I've replied to emails and messages or not.
I knew about Frankenstein's Cat but didn't realised you designed Bob the Builder. ...what a delightfully random thing that was to read. Anyway, thanks for leaving a message and good luck with Annecy this year. I'll be there again, I'll make sure I get to your screening if it's possible.
On a side note, did you know Mark Romanek is directing a remake of the Wolf Man with Benicio Del Toro?
You're blog's great, really informative. It's hard to get that kind of information.
Thanks again,

Chris Battle said...

Cool news; Congrats!

Anonymous said...

that is ambitious
good luck with that!

Will said...

Hi there, Frazer at Toonhound just gave me a shout and mentioned that you were planning an art event based around the Monster Movie posters. We think it's a GREAT idea and I'm itching to help in any way that I can. Allow me to introduce myself, I have an animation gallery called 'Lollipop Animation' and also an art publishing company 'Riviere Publishing'. I love your Poster Pastiche idea but sense that you're worried about the logistics/time constraints to bring your vision to fruition. If I can assist, whether that's just on a printing basis, or more of a total package (print through to distribution). Anyway, please drop me a line when you get a second free. Check out some of our recent published art including Rupert Bear and Paddington at and feel free to contact me any time on Hope to hear from you soon, Best wishes, Will.

Jo Bling said...

Andrew - huh???

Glazey - cheers for the enthusiasm as ever, mister. I love 'em too as you know.

Belf - cheers fella, tis grand news. Don't know if I'll be VIPping it, mind you - could be slumming with the rabble ;-)

Ciaran - good man yerself for calling by sir - Oliver Jeffers was the illustrator I was trying to think of. Am gonna be over in Dublin soon for the animation festival so if we don't catch up at Annecy it'd be grand to have a jar with you there!

Chris - thanks sir :-)

brian - yeah, has the Bling bitten off more than he can chew???

Will - you have mail my good fellow ;-) Many thanks for touching base!

Ciaran said...

My work reminded you of Oliver Jeffers? You legend! if we do meet up, drinks are on me :D
What festival are you coming over for?

Anonymous said...

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