Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WEREWORLD: Book Tour pictures part two

"And for my next trick..."
(Moreton High School, Wolverhampton)
Note the coloured pens - I was colouring in and everything!
(Moreton High School, Wolverhampton))
Me, Benny Westwood, my stunt double and the Challenge Cup. Note the sad faced boy in front of me. Judging by his expression and the look of longing he's throwing the trophy I'm guessing he's a Widnes fan...
(Waterstone's, Warrington)
This has nothing to do with the book tour whatsoever. This is what happens when Niel Bushnell lands at Casa Bling on New Years Eve with gorgeous family and lashings of fizzy beverages in tow. Please note that it's a torn cocktail sausage stuffed up my nostrils. No, I don't know why. Also, the tears are on account that, to my surprise, I discovered they were hot and spicy as opposed to plain!
Bada Bling!


Niel Bushnell said...

That's your author picture right there!

Jo Bling said...

You better believe it, baby! And maybe a Reggae Reggae Sauce moustache? Too much?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, looks like the tour is going great guns, shame to soil it by involving Westwood and Wolfy though ;)
Just heard on the radio you're speaking to the lovely Claudia Winkleman this Friday, I'll keep an ear out.