Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Spent the day in deepest, darkest Lancashire today, being buzzed around by the awesome ladies from Silverdell Books in Kirkham, possibly the greatest independent bookstore I've ever seen. They were Indie Bookstore of the year in 2010, and for good reason too. Elaine and Sue were great chaperones for both events, really looking after myself and Jayde from Puffin in between shovelling ice cream down my neck. I won't forget today in a long while!

First up was a trip to Our Lady's Catholic High School in Preston, coincidentally Nick Park's old school. Top turnout and a queue of kids circling the assembly hall as they snaffled their copies of Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf. Also got to see an awesome little animation that one of the budding filmmaker/students had produced featuring his lego Batman. Inspired, and only hope that young man can go on to bigger and better things. Thanks to Lisa for helping to arrange the event so brilliantly with Silverdell.

In the afternoon we visited Stonyhurst School near Clitheroe, which was quite breathtaking. Made Hogwarts look like Grange Hill. Mrs Robinson, the school's head of English, had got the kids really fired up - a chorus of Bob The Builder greeting my fat ears upon arrival. A group of younger pupils, aged 7, entered the hall midway through my reading from Wereworld, quickly about-turning when they realised it was too scary and horrific for them. Sorry! Thanks to all the boys and girls who attended the event.

Home again now, pooped again now, and getting ready for an early night. The Wirral and Manchester await me tomorrow, plus the chance to catch up with my groovy editor from Puffin, Shannon...

Bada Bling!

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VildesVerden said...

Wish you a wonderful time on the tour. Wish you were coming over here as well!