Thursday, July 20, 2006

Monster Mob Sketchbook

Although the Mob characters are now part of the BITENECK BEATNIKS world, they started out life as just a bunch of doodles in one of my sketchbooks, some years ago. Indeed, as these sketches show, I originally envisaged that each beastie would be based upon it's own fear/sin, that kind of thing. These are really scribbly thumbs but I thought it'd be fun to put up some more sketchbook work.

There's also one of the Monsters shifting genre into "THE GOBBLEDEEGEE!", a monster tale inspired by my dad's bedtime stories when I was a kid.

"The Gobbledeegee, came out of the sea, it ate all the people, but it didn't eat me......."


Belf said...

I love 'em! They remind me a little of the early Monsters Inc sketches, but in your inimitable style!

How are you CJ? I'm almost entirely settled in London now - just awaiting a desk to put my computer on so I can actually do some work! When it arrives (today, allegedly) I shall be able to start work on your rasslin' robots!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Ah, nothing finer than getting to poke around in someone elses sketchbooks, great stuff. Probably the reason I keep buying Art of books for movies I have no intention of seeing. Pixar are particularly guilty of shredding my wallet in that respect.

Goobeetsablog said...

the one of him knocking over the car would make an excellent painting.

I really enjoyed looking through these. Thanks for posting them.


dragonhead said...

:D Thanks again for posting more sketch stuffs.

How is the house selling/moving going?

Is there any word yet if Frankenstein's Cat will be on a US station?

Ann said...

You've reminded me, I need to send you some money don't I? :)

Jo Bling said...

I'll dig out what GOBBLEDEEGEE scraps of manuscript I have and put them up on here, hopefully tomorrow. Sadly, it never got finished, but having seen other kids monster books I think I should.

Franks Cat doesn't have a US broadcaster yet but we hope that'll be finalised before it airs in the UK next year. Confident we can acquire one though.

The Pixar art books are fine, mighty fine. Nik, you should get your bum over to Animex in Middlesbrough next year. One of my mates is a directing animator at Pixar and he turns up in Boro every February for the festival.

dragonhead said...

"One of my mates is a directing animator at Pixar"

:/ I want to go to Animex. Darn spending all of my money to go to Siggraph this year. Well, that and the fact that Animex is oversees.

Anonymous said...

Animex? I'm just one of those rubbish people who plans to go every year, then february rolls round and I find myself walking through Middlesbrough town centre only to realise I've missed it again and everything I wanted to attend is fully booked.
Not next time though! No kiddies on the horizon next spring so mind should remain sharp and get me a place booked bright and early. Excited already, especially now I've gotten round to some animating of my own. Hopefully come feb 07 I'll have something I can be proud of.

Alina Chau said...

Your sketchbook pages are cooool!! Neato characters!

Alina Chau said...

Your sketchbook pages are cooool!! Neato characters!