Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Here's the flipside of the Bob Yard sheet as promised, the first and only design I did for Pilchard. It was based upon a cat I'd already designed by way of a series of prospective greetings cards, "FISHBONE", but i tweaked the colour and shape of the head and "bingo", there was Pilchard. Again, if I hadn't bothered to do the Fishbone character I possibly may never have been asked to design Bob. As it happened, the producer on Bob, Jackie Cockle, loved my cats and once she saw what I could do she wanted me on board, God bless her.

I had my first "tinker" on Flash today and actually produced a piece of animation. Well, a hopping pig anyway. Was much much fun and although it was as basic as a very basic thing with no bells and ribbons on it, I still had a feeling of achievement! Just need to be able to play with it enough to oversee the kids who I'm currently mentoring on a Youth Film Project in Middlesbrough, funded by First Light. We've done two films already, one claymation, one cut out paper characters, so to move onto computer is a departure for all involved.

Bada Bling!

PS: You might also notice the sellotape/slash mark at the bottom of the picture, too. Yep, that's where I went and chopped clean through like a cowboy electrician through cabling...


dragonhead said...

Yey! for more early sketches stuff and flying pigs.

That's awesome that you were able to get your start with the cat drawings.

Gordon Fraser said...

Very nice pussy Mr Bling! Have you got any early sketches of Spud? (He was the only thing that kept me sane thru the endless hours of Bob on my girls TV)