Friday, May 05, 2006

Appearing at a school near YOU!

Break in transmission has been down to a busy week appearing at schools in North Yorkshire. Had a turn at Boroughbridge school on Wednesday where I was special guest for their new library opening day- I know it doesn't sound initially spectacular but a library to kids is a pretty cool place, as I recall from my own childhood, so it was lovely to get to speak to all the children in the school. As one teacher commented after I'd wound up her class and left them bouncing off the walls for her to pick up the pieces- "It'd be easier if you just injected sugar straight into their bloodstream!"

Then yesterday, thursday, I was at the smallest school I've ever seen, West Burton in Wensleydale. There must have been about 40/50 children and just two teachers, with the receptionist taking classes for science and French. One teacher had "The Infants" and one had "The Juniors"- as such, each group of kids was made up of widely carying age ranges. Cracking bunch they were too- the Year 5/6 were all working on their own animated films which I got to advise them on. They had this great software called Digital Blue which came with a digital camera that allowed all kinds of groovy programmes. Very impressive.

The infants I took in the afternoon, playing episodes of Bob to them, drawing characters like Curious Cow and Frankenstein's Cat, then encouraging them to draw their own "Frankenpets". One group of Y1 boys got stuck in drawing what first appeared fantastic beasts- lots of heads, tentacles, etc. I noticed one boy had drawn udders under his monster, to which I said they looked cool. I was corrected:

"They're not udders. I've stitched three willies on underneath."

Then his mate popped up by his side:

"Look at mine- it's doing multicoloured wee-wee!"

... and it was...


Gordon Fraser said...

Ahh bless! I love kids.....I just couldn't eat a whole one though!

Drum roll...cymbol crash...exit room.

jobeykowski said...

what are udders, i don't understand? I just thought cows were show-offs?

P.S. there's some new artwork on my blog if you'd like to have a look.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Was one of these kids related to H.R Giger !?

dragonhead said...

"They're not udders. I've stitched three willies on underneath."

Arn't kids just so naturally creative. :) Then they are "taught how to draw" later on in school and lose that natural ability.

Speaking of kids, do you know if "Frankenstein's Cat" will be shown in the US? Or is it just a BBC thing?

Jo Bling said...

Morning all

Udders rock, quite simply. If you're going to draw a cow, of any kind, cartoon or realistic, one has to make the exception of giving it ridiculously large comedy pantomime udders. Anything that doesn't touch the ground and hinder walking/movement shouldn't even be considered. But that's me I guess... not with the unfeasibly awkward udders, I might add...

As for the CAT show, it's BBC produced at present but we're currently tieing up a US broadcasting deal as I type. News will follow on that front as I receive it.

Bada Bling!