Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Closing in on Release Date

It's been a funny couple of months as the momentum builds on Wereworld. In one breath I'm working hard on the manuscript for book two (more on that later) and with the next I'm doing my bit as we ready ourselves for the launch of Rise Of The Wolf on January 6th. There's been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on the manuscript but that's all been put to bed now - expecting the finished version of the novel to be ready in the warehouse in December when I should hopefully receive an advance copy. The one I've had up until now has been a bound proof, not the finished novel, with plenty of typos, errors and the odd name mistake. The finished version now has these areas cleaned up in addition to black and white chapterhead illustrations added.

The other thing I've been working hard with Puffin on is the marketing side as we arrange not only a book tour for schools, libraries and booksellers in January but also develop a Wereworld website, which shall go live soon. This will be an interactive affair, ensuring that the most avid fans will be able to dig even deeper into Drew Ferran's world and unearth all manner of secrets.

Book Two is, well, almost done. The first draft, anyway. I've one chapter to write now, the epilogue "Fractured Family" and then I need to work back through it, editing it back pretty heavily. It currently runs to around 130,000 words which is right at the top end of the expected word limit suggested by Puffin. Can shave a bit off that and then hand it over to my editor Shannon to hear her thoughts. Squeaky bum time, though, handing over such a big body of work to someone, regardless of her being a chum. Emma, my wife, will have a butchers too and give me her thoughts on it. I just hope it has a similair impact to the first book.

I've also had my eyes opened recently to the book bloggers out there, specifically the ones who tweet on Twitter - have a look, you'll find me there. If you tweet be sure to check out the very excellent @Enchantedbooks @LizUK and @DavesFandSFW and many more. A great way to keep in touch with what's happening in the world of both YA and science fiction, fantasy and horror. The last chap, Dave, has published the first review of Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf. Read it here.

Bada Bling!


Niel Bushnell said...

Exciting times!

d'anne said...

blogsurfing... great to find out about you, esp. just in time for the release of your novel. sounds intriguing, and sure of a movie deal. :-] can't wait! d'anne

Jo Bling said...

Thanks d'anne! If you like fantasy and/or horror then WEREWORLD sounds like it'd be a fit. But if your surfing brought you here following hints of tasty toon and animation morsels you'll find something to satisfy there too ;-) You can also follow developments on TWITTER too - all cranking up a notch now!

Ktana said...

muchas gracias por tus sugerencias , ese es un género literario que me encanta , y adoro el terror y el suspenso

desde el fin del mundo
Valaparaíso Chile