Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Developments left, right and centre...

First up - you can follow my work and other goings-on on TWITTER from now on. Have a butchers!

I've been missing from the blog for a couple of months as we've had an eventful time in Casa Crayon. Mrs Crayon gave birth to a new shaving last month, Constance, who (6 weeks old today) is doing marvellously well. Older siblings are all very much in love with her so let's hope things stay that way!

On the work front I've been wrapping up on the preproduction design work for my new CBeebies preschool show RAH RAH:

Background artwork all delivered now so my role on continued production is all designwork and general input on the creative direction of the show with the team. Its looking pretty special I have to say - off to Chester Zoo next week for an introduction of the show to the wider team (publishing and merchandise partners) so there's a real momentum. It'll be airing in Spring 2011.

Other animation work has been the development on a new HIT animated preschool show, which I've been collaborating on with Ian Carney (superscribe) and Studio Liddell (superstudio) - that's looking great too and I'll be able to talk shortly about it on here after a few press releases start to appear.

In publishing I'm about to start work on my first picture book in a few years, working with UK publishers Tick Tock Books - very excited about this as it's a story that is also an animated series concept. Be great to get it out there as it was first envisaged, a pop-up book!

And with "Wereworld", the team at Puffin have started sending through some rough ideas for cover art and the like (I won't be doing this - I don't for a minute want to be accused of Dennis Waterman-syndrome). Very eye-catching and is going to really brand the whole series of books in the long run.

Bada Bling!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new family addition, the Wereworld deal and the animation series in production; as a Widnes fan Im not offering my congrats on Wire topping the table though, thats where Im drawing the line :-p
Rah Rah character designs look great are you going to be posting any background art?

Jo Bling said...

A fellow crayonboy from the WA postcode, and furthermore he's a Demic! Good grief, the world is a small small place ;-) We're not topping it anyway chum, the crustmunchers are in pole position alas.

The bgs on Rah Rah are going to be very stlylised, dropped on 2D props upon a clean white set-top, so it'll have a very distinct, graphic look. Sets are being built currently at the studio in Altrincham chum.

Good to meet a fellow doodler who lives so near, albeit virtually ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeh think your lot had about 2 minutes up there in pole before normal service was resumed.

Anyway thanks muchly for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. I'll be keeping an eye on whats going on on badablingthing.

dragonhead said...

Wow, congrads on the newest addition.

Can't wait to see more about this new show.

What is your Twitter address? Searching for it, but can't find it.

cadguycad said...

hey dragonhead.


hope this helps

Andrew Glazebrook said...


Gordon Fraser said...

Goog God! I'm so far behind with everything! Congrats Curtis and Congrats to Mrs Bling as well in all on the birthing process!