Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PRESS RELEASE - "Wereworld" novels picked up by Puffin!


Puffin are very excited to announce that we have acquired two fantasy novels in a new series entitled Wereworld by British author and artist Curtis Jobling. Shannon Park, Executive Editor at Puffin secured world rights for the series from the John Jarrold Literary Agency, for an undisclosed five-figure sum. The Wereworld novels are due for publication in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

WEREWORLD follows the story of fifteen-year-old Drew, a shepherd’s son, as he comes of age and discovers he’s the last of the long line of Werewolves, and rightful (yet reluctant) ruler of the land of Lyssia, where lycanthrope ‘Werelords’ reign. Before long he’s hurtling headlong into an epic journey of fantasy and horror, from one deadly encounter to the next, meeting exotic Werelords at every turn as he’s drawn inexorably towards his destiny.

‘When Curtis approached me with the first volume of this series, I could immediately see the strength of his imagination and invention,’ said John Jarrold. ‘Much respect to Shannon for seeing how wonderful the idea was and getting it through the system at Puffin, including giving editorial guidance even before she could formally present it in-house.’

Shannon Park says, ‘I am so thrilled to sign up this series, which blends themes of traditional fantasy and contemporary horror within an action-packed story. Werewolves are hot property right now, and this series has huge appeal for the 10+ fantasy market.’

Curtis Jobling designed the Bafta winning BOB THE BUILDER and is also the creator of FRANKENSTEIN’S CAT, the BBC's hit children’s animation series based upon his book of the same name. In addition he has numerous shows in development with Disney, the BBC and others. His website is at: http://www.curtisjobling.com.

The first novels in the Wereworld series are due for publication in 2011 and 2012.

For further details, please contact John Jarrold or Jayde Lynch on:
John Jarrold - email: j.jarrold@btinternet.com phone: 01522 510544
Jayde Lynch - email: Jayde.Lynch@uk.penguingroup.com phone: 020 7010 3072

PS: Yes, I know, it's a Rick Baker Werewolf image. But then, he is the King.


Niel Bushnell said...

Well done again squire - much deserved.

Jo Bling said...

Cheers Nelly!! How you finding it? :-D

Niel Bushnell said...

Enjoying it so far. Not much in the way of girl-on-girl action, but I'm sure that will kick in soon. Wahere-Wood!

Tim Bye said...

Wow congratulations on that - I love the epic tone!!! (he doesn't just have a destiny - he's inexorably drawn to it - awesome!).
You do sleep though don't you?!!

cadguycad said...

Congratulations Curtis. Sounds like it will be something my son and I can read together.

Gordon Fraser said...

CONGRATS ALL ROUND....is there no end to ya talents....judging by this weeks Herald and Post.....NO!

Nice one matey!

paulhd said...

I love kid's books, I love werewolves! Everyone's a winner! Congratulations.