Monday, October 20, 2008

The Frankenstein's Cat Art Show & Biteneck Beatnik Halloween Extravaganza (..... and breathe!)

It's here at last! The new art show kicks off this coming Saturday, 25th October, at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester. There'll be all the Biteneck Beatniks paintings on show and for sale, as well as the new original works based upon the Frankenstein's Cat animated series. There'll (hopefully) be books for sale, signings and Ron Go Bongo Biteneck Beatniks vinyl toys from TOY2R for sale.

Also, today (20th) marks the launch of the Frankenstein's Cat animated series on DVD (available in all good high street and online stores), featuring 8 episodes from Season One of the show. The timing is terrific as the BBC have just asked us for a second season of the show! We shall also have copies of this DVD for sale and signing too. If you're about, bring along the kids, grannies, frankenpets and whatever. It kicks off at 2pm:

Richard Goodall Gallery
59 Thomas St
M4 1NA

Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 10am-6pm. Saturdays 11am-5pm Admission Free

I got back from a great week in Cannes last week, where I was peddling my wares (read pitching new show concepts) at MIPCOM. Plenty of the new shows were met with approval by various production companies and broadcasters so I'm hopeful that very shortly we'll get a few of them off the ground and into development proper. Highlight, besides catching up with my producer Jackie Edwards who has been snapped up by the BBC (huzzah!), was meeting Richard Taylor of WETA and Lord Of The Rings fame. Lovely bloke and nice that we shared a few common chums too, namely Ian Mackinnon and groovetastic concept artist Richie Dolan (The Frighteners)

Bada Bling!


Tim Bye said...

Hey Curtis hope the art art show goes well - the paintings look great! Congrats on the cartoon too - I only caught bits on tv so may just have to get the dvd!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the art show, Mr Jobling, and congrats with the second season! Can we expect it somewhere around 2010?
Huzzah for the DVD, too! It looks lovely; I'm sure it'll sell out fast. Actually, do you know if anyone in Australia has bought liscencing for the DVD yet? I've been emailing the ABC, since they usually pick up BBC titles, but they haven't replied. Otherwise, I guess us Aussies will have to turn to the lovely internet for more of the misadventures of Nine and Lottie!
Good luck with your new show pitches,

Outsider said...
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Niel Bushnell said...

Not more products to sell! Jeez! :)

Jo Bling said...

Just checked on PLAY and apparently it's sold out. Either it's tremendously popular or they were understocked :-/ Have to hope it's the former! :-D

Tim - cheers buddy, and huzzah now that I've discovered you're from Rotherham! ;-)

Zuki-Chan - I guess 2010 would be a good estimate. Not sure who is dealing with DVD sales in Oz, although I know the show has been very popular down under. I shall ask my producers. It's Entertainment Rights in the UK. You could always buy a UK disc and get a DVD player that plays all regions.

Bushy - indeedy! Come round the back and look what I've got in the suitcase....

Sorrentino said...

Man that sounds like fun!!! Good luck with the show!!!

dragonhead said...

Be sure to post details about the new shows when you can. :D

Anonymous said...

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