Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Annecy - booked it, packed it, fluffed off!

Got the reservations made for Annecy Film Festival last week. Shall be joined there by Niel Bushnell and Gordon Fraser of FARMAGEDDON fame. Am sure they won't hinder my networking attempts... not much! :-D Niel and I have spoken about collaborating together for some time now so hopefully there's a project or two that we can really start to put meat on the bones of.

Am keen to post developments of new projects on here but suspect until I get option deals in place I'll have to sit on them for the forseeable. Ian Culbard and I are currently negotiating an option with Sardine productions in Canada to help develop BITENECK BEATNIKS into an animated show. We already have the support of Northern Film & Media who are helping us to develop a pilot animation, so here's hoping we can forge ahead with those helpcat vamp kids.

Sketchwork continues on the FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT art show - I'll be putting a few thumbnails up of those paintings next as work in progress. The show itself thunders on with a real momentum, and the work being produced at Paris's Quatre21 studio is pretty spectacular. Keep having to pinch myself that it's actually going to be on the telly come September!

Also, if you get the chance check out Gus Hughes blog - he's an animator from Ireland studying in Teesside - I met him at Animex this year and he's not only a bundle of fun but his work looks a bit special. Recommended.

Bada Bling!


Niel Bushnell said...

Me and Gordon can be your meeting gimps, standing close behind looking moody, or maybe just dishing out custard creams at the right moment.

Jo Bling said...

As long as they're genuine custard creams and not "soggy biscuits"!

Anonymous said...

good luck with bitenecks.
Will there be a cabinet of caligari
tribute in the poster project?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Why on earth would anyone want to leave Ireland and come to Teesside ?!

I'm looking forward to Frankenstein's Cat, it'll make a change from all the other daytime TV I watch.

dragonhead said...

"Niel and I have spoken about collaborating together for some time now"
OOooo... sounds interesting.

"Will there be a cabinet of caligari
Oh gosh! I love that movie! :D

Anonymous said...

did someone say 'custard creams'?

Bristol Andy

Jo Bling said...

Bri - Caligari? Hmmmmm... hadn't considered that yet. I was going to do straight poster style paintings rather than specific and direct homages, but we'll have to see!

Glazey - you'd better tape over some of those Jeremy Kyle tapes in anticipation then sir, or at the very least clear space in your Trisha library...

Bristol Andy - how goes it squire? Cat animation continues at breakneck in your fair city!

Belf said...

See you there mate! I can't fluffin' wait! :)

Ciaran said...

I can't wait!
I've got 18 days to finish my film, 28 days till my exhibition and then Annecy!
I'm going for the whole week so there better be a good excuse for me not getting to see yer flm..

Gus Hughes said...

Good luck with the BITENECK BEATNIKS project, sounds like a beaut!
Good to hear you got the festival stuff sorted, which reminds me I need to get my head together and buy tickets myself. Its sounds like a good laugh. Chaos awaits in france.. the french police will have to batton charge me into that lake in annecy to calm me down.

paulhd said...

Frankenstein's Cat and maybe Biteneck Beatniks? Good luck in warping the minds of the squares.

Mrs Bling said...

belf, I hope you can find appropriate recepticales for your fag butts this time - I'll be watching you!

Belf said...

I know, I shouldn't be allowed in posh places! Make sure I don't get into any trouble Emma! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Bling

Good to see the cat animation is speeding along at breakneck speed....just like the traffic here!!

Still keeping up to date on your blog and have decided to temporarily sell illustrations on IStockphoto while perfecting my painting skills.

Feel free to have a look if you get two minutes at:


Bristol Andy

ken said...

i hope annecy goes well!!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I want my MTV and an update too !!

Ciaran said...

evenin' Mr. 'Bling. I was wondering if you know when your cat film is showing. I booked my screenings today but I don't know when yours is on...

Jo Bling said...

Belf - see you there indeed squire

Ciaran - Frankenstein's Cat's official screening is apparently on the Tuesday that week, a great shame for me as I don't actually get out there until Wednesday. Ah well, there'll still be other Cat-related shenanigans going on ;-)

Gus - it's a great festival, with or without baton charges. You'll have a great time!

Paul - thanks fella :-)

Ken - cheers cocker!

Glazey - MTV? You'll be wearing a bandana/sweatband next....

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You mean to go with my Leg Warmers !!?? Or maybe my MC Hammer pants !

Kerry Drumm said...

Well I wish I was able to make Annecy this year...was nearly there!

You will be glad to know that I am finally getting round to updating my blog.

Hope you are well, see you soon!

Kerry D

Anonymous said...

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