Thursday, February 15, 2007

PLEASE VOTE!!! Threadless Submission: "BUB THE BUILDER"

Dearest Badablingthingies!!

Thanks to the help of the lovely Nik from Zombiedollar$, I've put forward "Bub The Builder" as a Tshirt design for Threadless and lo and behold the blooming thing has only gone and been chosen! It's in the running in the open competition so I would ask ANYONE to please call by Threadless and give BUB THE BUILDER your vote. It means signing up but it's utterly painless and spam free. If I get enough votes then it means I don't have to keep washing the disposable nappies for the babies and I can dress them in something other than potato sacks and dishclothes...

Your support is utterly appreciated.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I VOTED !!!! What do I win ?
It looks swell on the T-Shirt Mr Bling !!! Oh yeah I love the colour you've chosen too !

dragonhead said...

It wouldn't let me vote. Got the message "Scoring finished - This was dropped early." :/

"I can dress them in something other than potato sacks"
But the thing is that they are young enough not to care that they are in a potato sack.

(By the way, there was some account change thing. My username was formerly 'Something' two entries ago)

Jo Bling said...

Yeah, I noticed that. It's been dropped as it polled low votes over 24 hours. Being completely new to the threadless game I've quickly gathered that you have to be a bit savvy with your promotions in order to get your shirt made - there are guys on there getting their mates to vote in many-score.

Either it wasn't liked as a design


it was too BIG as was my fear


the people voting resented the fact that I worked on Bob and mistakenly think I'm some kind of millionaire who isn't worthy of the prize money. Or something.


I will be getting these shirts made though regardless as they seem to have been well received by others

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I take a Medium size as I've only little,some would be unkind and say skinny !

Belf said...

I was too late to vote, sorry!

Would be a cool shirt though, I'll have one if they get printed in 'portly yorkshireman' size! :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jo

Just logged on and missed the chance to vote. Miles better than any of the other t-shirts anyway

Bristol Andy

Niel Bushnell said...

It all seems a bit T-shirt elitist if you ask me! They didn't give it micuh of a chance did they??

I'm large BTW.


Jo Bling said...

Andy - I'm going to look into getting a bunch printed privately for sale directly from me. Shall bear your medium frame in mind when that time comes ;-)

Belf - portly Yorkshireman it is, sir! :-D

Bristol Andy - many thanks for the kind words squire

Bushy - I'm with you on that. Seems you have to have a small army plugging your stuff to get anywhere, which is beyond my meagre abilities...

As for inserting a large one...... fnarr!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cheers, I'll have one as long as it's Medium so order away ! :) Do you do Y-Fronts as well ?

Jo Bling said...

In the religious sense, no. In a clothing manufacturing sense, I'm open to suggestion. A bit like a saucy pair of ginger Y-Fronts.

LauraBraga said...

it's amazing!!!!
I VOTE!!:))



jim bradshaw said...

Nice art here Jo. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your 3d animals too.

Stephen Studios said...

WOw Jo, I had no idea you designed Bob the builder, thats awesome!