Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just call me Groundhog Jobling!

This keeps on happening...

Sunday Times Article

Article appeared in this weekend's Sunday Times. Once more I'm credited as being the "creator" of Bob. I wouldn't mind but this time I even phoned up the journalist beforehand asking if I could proof read the story and ensure I wasn't being named as "the creator" - I was told not to worry that it was all in order. I wasn't allowed to read it though. Ah well, I've tried correcting people and it doesn't work. I'm resigned to the fact that these things are out of my hands now, certainly not going to lose any sleep over disgruntled "creators" out there who may feel I've nicked their title. Nice piece though, and the journalist Paul was a lovely chap. Just hope it helps towards our selling of the house.

Further to last posting, yep, we're looking to set up an official Frankenstein's Cat production blog, edited and approved by myself, Mackinnon & Saunders and the BBC. Things need to be checked first re: what we can talk about, but it should be pretty groovy and hopefully insightful.


dragonhead said...

You haven't sold the house yet? :( It is such and awesome house though, especially with the history and name it has.

Be sure to post a link of the FC blog when it gets set up.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

He sold the house,he just took his old front door and surrounding brickwork with him.

Nik said...

That's actually quite a nice article, though describing you as moon faced seems a little harsh.

Paul Hill said...


Paul from A Productions here again.

Curtis, do you think we'll be able to make any contributions to the productions blog?

Y'know, things like "Cor, our clients are slave drivers." and "That Jobling (creator of Bob the builder) is a hard man to please."

Only joking.

I'm looking forward to our part of the production starting. Even though I probably wil not be much involved since the After Effects stuff has moved back to France.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to watch others work while I put my feet up.


Jo Bling said...

[groaning sfx] Clubland welcomes Andrew Glazebrook! [applause]

ZombieNik - you could be Glazey's warm-up act (said the moon-faced one)

Paul - our producer is going to have words with the Beeb first off re: production blog, and if they're cool with it we'll look to get something running sooner rather than later, thus keeping a proper diary through preproduction and production.

Will let you know what's what as soon as we know - am sure contributions from others are most welcome!

Gordon Fraser said...

You have a very phallic doorway and flower baskets sir!

Thank you and goodnight......

Jo Bling said...

GOOD GRIEF! I hadn't noticed that.....

*embarassed now*