Monday, March 31, 2014

Author visit testimonials, straight from the horses' mouths!

If you're ever considering having me visit your school to hold storytelling, animation and creative writing workshops, please refer to the following comments that I was recently from a fabulous librarian. The students filled in feedback forms which were handed back to staff, and this is a selection of their comments. Suffice to say I've been weeping, but they're tears of laughter. Is there a better testimonial than the below? If so, I haven't found it....

‘Curtis Jobling seems like quite a talented person and made a good impression’

‘I think how he described his animation and shows was very interesting, and is probably something that I want to try later in life.’

‘His books are really interesting if you are into that sort of thing.’

‘The presentation / assembly could be classified as boring but it had its’ moments, like when he showed short clips of a cow that wanted to kill herself.’

‘Curtis is a quite short, with a waistcoat and short sleeved shirt, he also has sideburns which are very long and dark trousers on.  He had a small nose and a Pork Pie hat and he as a faded beard.’

‘He was very funny and wasn’t boring as he kept you on your toes when he changed the tone of his voice.  This is definitely a book I would like to read.’

‘I think it was really fun for a workshop’

‘I believe that the workshop was more interesting than the talk because it was a bit more up close and personal.’

‘Overall, I enjoyed his visit and would like him to come again if possible’

‘Overall it was a fun day and was very nice.  My favourite part of the day was watching the cow clips.

‘It was lovely to meet a famous  author and producer and I  hope I can meet him again. He has inspired me a lot in writing.’

‘Curtis Jobling  is an author/ illustrator/animator who came into our school to not only persuade us to purchase one of his books, but also to inspire us to write and animate ourselves.’

‘He explained how he made the animations and we also watched the Nickolodeon adverts which everyone found hysterical, despite the fact that in truth they were really quite disturbing.’

‘His books seemed quite interesting and descriptive for the people that are into that stuff.’

‘It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it.’

‘His book was good, I know because he read a bit to us and it was very interesting.’

‘He had sideburns and a loud voice, which travelled round the room.’

‘His jokes were quite funny and when he did the assembly it was quite interactive, which was good.’


Anonymous Andy Jackson said...

Lol quite a small nose. Bet you weren't expecting that to be one of the key take always from the class.

11:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We thought the up close and personal comment was interesting!

9:34 am  
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Anonymous Odysseus said...

this has nothing to do with anything that was just posted, but I wish to express my indignation at the fact that the uk editions of wereworld has illustrations (chapter heads, whatever), and the us ones don't. I cant even find them online, and I don't want to have to pay for all the books all over again. before it is suggested, my library has only us editions.

4:47 am  
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Blogger Pulkit Chitkara said...

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10:26 am  
Blogger Pulkit Chitkara said...

If you're ever considering having me visit your school to hold storytelling, animation and creative writing workshops. I will defiantly work hard.

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7:34 pm  
Anonymous Iftekhar Ahmed said...

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1:30 pm  
Blogger Toby McGuire said...

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Blogger mia79gbr said...

Best feedback EVER! Particulary liked "He had sideburns and a loud voice, which travelled round the room."

10:33 am  

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