Thursday, March 29, 2012

Work from the children of East Peckham Primary

Posts on the blog have been few and far between in the last couple of months on account of two three things:
(a) a steady stream of school workshops 4/5 days of each week
(b) ongoing editorial work on the WEREWORLD series
(c) being a dad!
One of the first schools I visited this year was East Peckham Primary, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent - the work the children had been doing there, especially under fab teacher Miss Braybrook, was terrific. The children were well aware of the Wereworld series before I even got there and were all well and truly on board. Below are the models and poems that the Year 6 pupils of East Peckham produced to celebrate the visit.

Beware! I am the king of the night,
Eager, waiting to sink my jagged teeth into your flesh,
Always check in your garden in case I’m there, growling,
Somewhere, searching, I look up, down, left and right,
Turning my howl into an evil laugh…

Dagger like teeth,
filthy, black bomb,
eyes ocean blue,
ears jagged but short.
Stalking the night,
searching for his kill,
desperate for ruby red blood.

Beware my blood red eyes searching for you!
My greasy black tongue is waiting for the sweet taste of blood.
My razor sharp teeth are coming for you, just like a wood cutter.
I’m like deadly soldier, if you hit me I will not fall.
Try to avoid my massive claws.
If you see my rough black fur, try to run away.
See the full moon, hear my ear braking howl.

My blood red eyes tell anything to keep their distance from me,
I have black, gritty teeth as rough as tarmac thirsty for fresh blood,
Beware my deformed claws,
You can never escape me; I can hear you from a mile away,
If you try to run I can just reach out for you,
I have a deadly, disturbing, ear breaking howl.
What am I?

I am a werewolf
Fresh blood is what I crave.
I come to eat,
I come for meat,
My fangs are my slaves.
My claws as sharp as razors,
My eyes as red as lasers.
My fangs as ready as a new, grey, iron dagger.
Single combat
Of tooth and claw
Will never frighten me
I will come along and bite their necks
It would be sure to kill thee
I would come away laughing
With my victory
Then I would change back and become the human me.

I have long grey and pure white fur,
I have glaring black eyes,
Seeking my delicious prey,
Sometimes I don’t need all four legs,
I can hunt,
But I can be hunted,
I have a short fat furry tail,
I can be a scavenger,
I am dreaded on Halloween,
I have short, sharp gnashers,
Sometimes human,
Sometimes animal,
I howl under a full moon.

It stalks with accuracy,
The deadly type.
Its jaws are strong,
Teeth like ice bergs,
Moulded and Yellow,
Jagged, Sharp.
Its snout is long,
A food detector,
Damp, Cold.
Black fur in clumps,
Dark and never cleaned,
Ripped, Greasy,
The stench of monsters,
Overwhelming, Rotten, Beastly.
Wolves run, Eagles hide,
Scarred, Frightened.
When It howls,
With tongue as green
As Its serpent tail,
Flickering, Snaking.
The Night Beast,
As It creeps in your dreams!

Razor sharp claws,
Dagger like jaws,
Breath like rotten eggs,
Raging teeth.
Narrowed eyes,
Glow gold in the moonlight,
Moist, curling tongue,
Lolling all around.
Razor sharp claws,
Dagger like jaws,
Evil eyes full of gloom,
Like a dark cave.
Oily black fur,
Clumped and patchy,
Tatty and matted
Black and scruffy.
Razor sharp claws,
Dagger like jaws,
Sagging down his fat belly,
Just so wrinkly.
Razor sharp claws,
Dagger like jaws.
Don’t get too close,
Or danger occurs.

When the full moon appears you fear me
Evil eyes as red as fire
Read about my ferocious attacks in horror books
Everyone is scared of my deadly sharp teeth
When you smell my greasy fur you go completely mad
Oh and my claws as sharp as blades
Let me dig into your juicy guts
For I am the werewolf, thirsty for blood!

Beware! He is coming, for you tonight.
Eyes as red as balls of fire, raging, raging
A rough tongue as black, as death itself
Strong, like a hound in battle
Teeth like pearls, white and shine.

The beast as tall as the trees,
His long spiny tail dragging through the green leaves.
His teeth as sharp as shark’s teeth,
His breath smells like rotting cheese.
His red glowing eyes shining in the dark night.
His hairy grey arms dangle down.
He sneaks out at night to find a midnight feast.
He only howls on a fall moon.
He might be coming to eat you soon! Hawoo!

Beware, he hunts for you at night
Eyes glowing red blinding you when you look
Always thirsty, for your boiling blood
Sharp claws like a singular knight’s sword
Teeth sinking into its prey like a speeding bullet.

I have deadly, dark eyes the size as round as saucers,
I am bigger and taller than a gorilla,
My tail is big, black and bushy,
I have dark fur that sticks out of my back like needles.
I have sharp teeth that look like daggers,
Sometimes I am on four legs but sometimes I’m on two,
At midnight I come out ready to bite,
I’m sometimes furry sometimes not,
I am always…
thirsty for…

Beware the beast, beware at night.
Eager for the juicy blood of prey.
Always hunting at full moon, hear my deafening howl.
Spiky teeth like barbwire.
Towering ten foot tall...

So watch out reader you might be next!

Looks Deadly,
Claws ready to pounce,
Eager to scrape and scratch,
Jaws open wide as if about to eat a human,
Tongue lolling out,
As slimy as a snail,
Rough all over,
Spitting, sickening, saliva,
His greasy clumped fur,
Like a cloak on his back,
Eerie, thin, eyes,
Do you dare to look?
Ears poking up,
Hearing every sound you make,
Searching for its prey,
A new feast every day…

Beware the bad beast beware.
Eagerly hunting for juicy blood.
Always searching here, there, everywhere.
So always be on the lookout and check under your bed
Tears meat like scissors across paper

I have the stench of mouldy eggs,
My eyes light up luminous ORANGE in the dark,
My fangs hang down jagged craving for human blood.
I have razor sharp claws ready to attack my prey,
I also have oily black fur that droops in my face,
I’m nine foot and ready to kill,
I’m looking for my prey, YOU could be next!!!

Beware, beware the beast comes out at night.
Eyes as round as a football, glaring at YOU,
A tongue as black as a tyre.
Stench, clinging like rotting cheese,
Teeth, sharp like daggers, coming at your flesh.

Huge dark eyes like glass
hair of a wolf,
ears as black as the winter’s night
teeth dripping with ruby red blood
nails piercing through the wooden floor,
breath like a rotten soul.

Hatred and wicked fill its blood red eyes,
Obvious killer with a heart of evil.
Reaching out with its sharp claws, full of disease and infection.
Rotten egg breath, gags its enemy.
Only the fastest can get past its razor teeth, yellow and crooked,
Roaring like a lion, it is the king of wherever it wants to go.

Beware, Beware !!

Bigger than incredible hulk
Eyes wide like saucers, waiting, waiting for your juicy blood
Anxiously it waits, crouched behind a tree ready to gobble you up
Suddenly it pounces on your head, then works its way down
Teeth like daggers ready to devour your flesh.