Monday, December 12, 2011

I've come up for air. The last couple of months have been pretty hectic, firstly with the official Puffin book tour for Rage of Lions, and then getting back to writing NEST OF SERPENTS, the fourth novel in the Wereworld series. I've just finished writing the 1st Draft this last week, and now have to edit the beast. This shall take some time with plenty of tinkering to be done, but the manuscript will probably be delivered early in the new year, certainly after the tinsel's been pulled down.

Below is the artwork for the cover, done by awesome tagteam of designer Patrick Knowles and artist Andrew Farley once again. I was delighted to see the cover art for SHADOW OF THE HAWK win the final of this years Book Cover Wars on the Enchanted Books site. Vincent Ripley runs the competition each year, and there were some tremendous books on show this time round, making for a very exciting final. I spend all year telling people not to judge a book by its cover, and then two weeks saying the exact opposite. It's very true to say one shouldn't dismiss a book because the jacket art doesn't inspire, but the work designers and illustrators do in this field really is invaluable to authors. Without an eye-catching cover, many books DO fall by the wayside, and in a crowded market-place a spiffy bit of jacket art can really make the difference in the survival chances of any particular book. Well done to all involved, and hope those who participated, both authors and voters, enjoyed themselves. Huge thanks to Mr Ripley for hosting the shindig too!
January 5th sees the release of the third volume in the UK, SHADOW OF THE HAWK, which I'm thrilled about. There's a fresh host of fascinating and horrific therianthropes who join the cast of heroes and villains in book three, with the canvas really rolled out to uncover the world beyond Lyssia's Seven Realms. In addition, we've also had the incredible cover through from Viking/Penguin US for their version of book two, RAGE OF LIONS, with the artwork once again supplied by the super-talented Nekro - you can find him on twitter @NekroXIII and he's well worth a follow. I love the look of this alongside the first US edition of Rise of the Wolf. Very different to UK volumes but refreshingly so. Can't pick between them!

It's also worth visiting the updated official Puffin WEREWORLD WEBSITE too, with a new book trailer on there, as well as downloadable extracts from Shadow of the Hawk and other new goodies and character spotlights. The clever folk at Qurios have been working on the trailer again, and a smashing job they've done too!

I've also been down to That Birmingham this last week, to visit the Institute of Art & Design, where the final year fashion students have been doing their Performance Design project on... WEREWORLD! Couldn't believe what awaited me there, an incredible collection of pieces designed and hand-made by the girls on the course. The photos below are (C) Joe Miles Photography, and I'm sure you'll admit the work is stunning. You'll see that prosthetics were used with each costume in some way, shape or form, be it a full head of latex/silicone or small details on hands and faces. A tricky thing for students to come to cold, and while some found it difficult they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Gretchen, from RAGE OF LIONS, after she's tried to escape the clutches of Prince Lucas.

Drew Ferran, hairy-faced hero of the Wereworld series.

Duke Manfred, the Staglord of Stormdale.

Gretchen, letting rip with a primal scream!

Count Kesslar, the Goatlord, dealer in blood, flesh and bone and all-round bad egg.
Gretchen (she was popular, wasn't she?)

Lord Frost, the albino Catlord.

Drew, wearing the woodland Greencloak gifted to him by Duke Bergan.

Wow! Queen Amelie, the White Wolf, Drew (and Lucas') mother.

Opal, sister of Onyx, the Beast of Bast, and thoroughly naughty lady.

Whitley (huzzah!), tough old tomboy and daughter of the Bearlord, Duke Bergan.

Really brave this one - Count Vega, the buccaneer, swashbuckling pirate prince of the Cluster Isles. Going for a full prosthetic head was ambitious, and with a different shape might have been more successful, but top marks have to go to this particular one. The costume was wonderful also.

Another fab Queen Amelie.

Drew Ferran, on the run, hence bare chest and bare feet.

Hector, the Boarlord - friend, magister, and easily led off the straight and narrow, alas...

Gretchen rearing her foxy face again!

Congratulations to all the students for their incredible work again - last year was the Spooks books by Joe Delaney, so I was sincerely chuffed to be chosen in such esteemed company.

That's me signing off until Christmas, have a great holiday season and a splendid New Year!

Bada Bling!


Niel Bushnell said...

Brilliant costumes!

Jo Bling said...

They're good aren't they? I was blown away by the production standards. I think a few of them will go on to work in bespoke bridalwear, but can see many of them getting work in theatre, TV and film costume design.

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so great"! XOXOXOXO

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Citrinatas said...

that was....awesome. I loved lady opal.