Friday, August 26, 2011

Books and cartoons a-go-go

I know. I'm slacker than a pair of Bruce Banner's purple pants post-Hulk-out. But I've been busy, honestly, as the below misadventures should explain!
RAGE OF LIONS released
The second book in the WEREWORLD series was published by Puffin in July to a very warm reception. Lots of great reviews (which I know we're not supposed to look at as you can't please everybody) but the consensus opinion appears to be that things have been well and truly ramped up a ear after Drew's tumultuous time in Rise of the Wolf. Which brings me directly to...
I completed my first draft of SHADOW a month ago and have been working on the edit since then alongside my splendid editors at Puffin in the UK and Viking in the US. I'm also about 30,000 words into writing Book Four, although that's on-hold presently as I tweak and polish SHADOW. Yet again, some stellar artwork for the cover provided by artist Andrew Farley. The cover proofs came in the post yesterday, embossed and shiny like a groovy embossed, shiny thing. Very happy chappy here.

RISE OF THE WOLF, US edition, released next month!

Here's the Viking/Penguin US edition of RISE OF THE WOLF in all it's 3D, comin'atcha glory. Unlike the UK edition of the book, this is a hardback beast, and I think the guys at Viking have done an incredible job. The book was premiered at San Diego Comic-Con where it was tremendously well received, the preview copies getting swiftly snaffled and an all-round good vibe for the title. Apparently, during the Penguin Panel, when the book was described as "Game of Thrones for Middle Graders with Werewolves" their were whoops from the assembled audience. Viking are really ramping up plans for WEREWORLD ahead of the September released, and there'll be some juicy press releases coming out next month. Watch this space and all that...


Two of my new preschool shows in development will be making their first appearance next month in Sopot, Poland, where they'll be hosting this year's Cartoon Forum.

RIBBIT RABBIT ROBOT has been produced and developed alongside the fab creative gang at Factory Transmedia in Manchester. Following the exploits of three very different flatmates who share a treehouse in a picturesque woodland, the concept touches upon the notion of love thy neighbour, how differences should be celebrated and not feared. Deep within the DNA of the show is the idea that we're looking at autism, with each of the characters displaying different aspects from the spectrum.

SUPER SCHOOL has been produced and developed by HIT Entertainment, with the clever chaps at Studio Liddell providing the animation talent for the trailer. Centering on the adventures of a gang of primary school super kids, this is a dynamic action show for preschoolers, providing a sense of aspiration that is missing from many shows for younger audiences. Working together and being the best you can are the touchstones for this delightful programme.

Both shows will be at Cartoon Forum looking for broadcasters to come on board and join in the fun, as well as welcoming potential collaborators and investors into the mix. Listen to me, I almost sound like I know what I'm on about, don't I?

All work and no play makes Bling a crankypants...

And lastly, it's not all writing. Not sure who this reprobate is who was spotted swigging mucky beer in Perpignan, watching the mighty Warrington Wolves defeat the Catalans Dragons, but I'm sure you'll agree he's a handsome devil.
The trip out to Perpignan came after an appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival, which was my first time. Terrific set-up and a great chance to meet the audience and answer questions about WEREWORLD. I've got a bunch of other events coming up in the coming months, as listed below:

August 27th - WEREWORLD signing at Trafford Centre Waterstone's, 1pm-3pm

October 3rd - THE BIG DRAW in Kent - workshops and talk

October 14th - OFF THE SHELF literary festival in Sheffield - workshops and talk

October 19th - CHESHIRE BOOK PRIZE launch - Winsford

October 20th - TERROR IN A TENT - Wereworld talk and signing, Formby

November 7th-11th - WEREWORLD SCHOOL TOUR with Puffin promoting RISE and RAGE

November 12th - SEFTON WRITING FESTIVAL - cartoon/illustration workshop

If you're nearby any of these events, do come along. There'll be more info on the Wereworld/Puffin tour once the schools are finalised.

Bada Bling!

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