Monday, November 02, 2009


Available for the first time as a strictly limited series of giclee prints comes Curtis Jobling’s personal homage to “Sleeping Beauty”; "Flora", "Fauna" and "Merryweather".

The triptych of paintings has been reproduced on radiant white watercolour paper, ensuring that they capture every magical detail of the originals. Brought to life on A3 sheets, each piece of artwork is 10” x 14”. The faeries are priced at £75 each or a bargainous £200 for the full set of three prints. The edition is limited to just 50 of each piece, with buyers to pay postage and packaging.

Ideal for homes, hallways, boardrooms and playrooms, "The Good Faeries" are the perfect gift for lovers of art, animation and alchemical aunties!

Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch for further details.

Bada Bling!

Curtis Jobling


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brandi milne said...

Hello hello hello Curtis! So glad to hear from you, I can't believe you're responsible for Bob The Builder! (My son loved it when he was wee!)

I haven't gotten my copy of Edgy Cute from H yet, have you?? I can't wait to see the final product tho! And I'm gonna go look you up to buy some of your books as well!

So good to meet you! Love, Brandi

Gordon Fraser said...

Hey there Mr Bling!!!

I saw your fairies on some banners on lamposts in the Boro...they looked rather spliffy....unforunatly I crashed my car whilst staring in awe at them!!!


Abz said...

very awesome!! :)