Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belated New Year to all

I've been asked by my better half to put a post on the blog as it's our homepage for the home PC - whenever we connect to the tinterweb we get SNOWFALL blaring full volume from our speakers and it's driving her a bit loopy, especially as Christmas was four weeks ago now.

Been busy already this year with a lot of school projects kicking off, principally an ongoing arts project with English Martyrs School in Hartlepool. I'm booked up until the beginning of April with schools which is pretty splendid stuff. The kids at English Martyrs have been great, and it's doubley a pleasure to be working up there as I get to stay with Niel Bushnell of Qurios Entertainment, and generally goof around a lot like a big gullah. We met up for a quiet night's suppage with Chris Williams, director of the Animex Festival of Animation, on Tuesday and what started out gentle enough ended with me leaving the drinking den with a shadow firmly cast over my reputation. Tarnished, I'd go so far as to say. I apologise to the Barmaid, just in case she's reading this!

Will be up in Teesside for Animex next month holding workshop and talks (4th to 6th Feb) - if you've never been along, get yourself down there. Better still log onto the website to view Qurios's rather brilliant sting for this, the festivals TENTH year:

Bada Bling!

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dragonhead said...

Good to hear you have a full schedule all ready. :)

Oh, and I'm finally getting some stuff uploaded to my website at Not much on there yet though.