Saturday, July 07, 2007

Qee Bart Exhibition @ Taipei Toy Festival

The Taipei Toy Festival kicked off on 7th July and the Bartneck Beatnik DIY Qee appeared with the rest of the completed gang. Some great stuff there on show. After the Festival ends the show sounds like it's going to be split up, with some of the pieces going to a Hong Kong show and the rest appearing @ the San Diego Comic Con.

There's Bartneck, bottom row on the left!
Awww, bless...
Yow! Angry mob!!!

Was well received by all accounts anyway - just looking forward to my official BITENECK BEATNIKS toys coming out with Toy2R now.


I attended the Showcomotion Media Conference in Sheffield, UK, this week and found it to be rather ripping. It was a veritable Who's Who of the UK Broadcasting and Animation Industry. That's right. I said veritable. BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney - all the main players were in attendance. Then there were all the major UK studios and distributors too, including Aardman, Collingwood O'Hare, Mackinnon & Saunders (yep, that'd be us) etc etc. Tremendous stuff. If you're looking to break into kids tv and need to hear some words of wisdom, you can't go wrong by getting yourself along. Same place, same date, each year. Heartily recommended.


Anonymous said...

looks like a great show.

Joel said...

Hi Curtis,
Thanks for your comment on my blog, glad you liked the script. I was almost tempted to take the who third act and stretch it out across the entire script but I'm not sure what effect that would have had on the minds of the viewers. Anyway, it's a pleasure working with these characters. And you as well, of course.
(Look for new content on my blog in the next 5-10 years.)

justinpatrickparpan said...

I can't wait to check out your Bartneck Beatnik at the San Diego con, however it's a shame you won't be appearing with him. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm going to be selling my prints, books and t-shirts on my website after the convention is over.

It's great to see your sketchbook pages and notes. I always love it when artist reveal the inner workings of their work.

-Justin the elder

Ryan Wood said...

That blue Bart sure stands out from the crowd! Nice stuff!

Julie Rocheleau said...


I'm an illustrator/animator/drunk girl from Montréal. I've been approached by Sardine to storyboard the Biteneck Beatnicks demo next week, and after seeing the designs (I dig them!) I thought I'd like to get in touch with their creator, and maybe get a bit more involved in the project, or whatever.

my stuff:

Hope to hear from you,


dragonhead said...

Interesting looking show.

Chris Battle said...

I see the show's coming to L.A. at the best comic shop in town (Meltdown in Hollywood), so I'll have to check it out!

Are there any marketing plans for the UK like the 7-11 Kwik-E-Marts out here?

Jo Bling said...

Joel - don't know if you're aware, sir, but we're having a spot of trouble coming up with titles for some of the remaining episodes of FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT. They have working titles but we need something "punny" - you up for that?

Justin - gimme the headsup when the prints are available and I'll be sorting a copy or two from you. Wonderful stuff as always matey.

Ryan - if it stands out then HUZZAH! :-D Job done!

Julie - your site is great and your work is even better. It'll be great if you're going to be on board BITENECK BEATNIKS. Looks like it'll be a groovy project!

Chris - see, I'm envious as I won't get to see the full Qee show, stuck as I am over here. There's no tie-in stuff over here, though the movie opens next weekend. Looks like a riot!

Anonymous said...

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