Friday, July 20, 2007

Bada Bling/Curtis Jobling Official Website

... is now open for business!
The official website has indeed been a long time coming but hopefully is worth the wait. There's a comprehensive gallery section on there that will be getting work added to it as time goes by, including sketchbook sections too. There's also links to the Curios Cow animations that I did with Seed Animation, with thanks going to Morgan Powell of Seed for producing the website.
Hope it's well received!
Bada Bling!


Tim Bye said...

The site has a wonderful layout - really easy to navigate! I love the gallery layout - will have a proper look in there! Top notch

Andrew Glazebrook said...

oooooh it's very sexy just like you big man !! And to think, I new you when you had nothing !

dragonhead said...

Nice looking site. I like the navigation menu. And the picture on the 'about' page is win. :)

Gus Hughes said...

Well well, look at you fancy pants! Sheesh I gotta get one of those things... nice

paulhd said...

Veeery nice. Shows of your work a treat.

Ciaran said...

If I was American I'd say "awesome" but I'm not so I won't. I love Frankenstein's Parrot!
Good stuff, badabling

Julie Rocheleau said...

By the way, I just finished the BB demo board.
You shoul've got it by now,
Hope you'll enjoy!


Niel Bushnell said...

It's fun!

What do you want, blood?

spleenal said...

bob the builder eh?
my house is full of bob the builder toys.
everything including two dizzys. two!

frankenstines cat looks like pilchard got trown into dizzy for a while.

good stuff.

ps. i do have kids. I didn't buy dizzy twice for myself.

Jo Bling said...

Tim - cheers man, its certainly getting there

Glazey - I never had nuttin' I always had sumtin'!

Dragonhead - People'll start using that as a pin-up before long....

Gus - go get one!

Paul - thanks that man :-)

Ciaran - that's Frankenstein's Budgerigar, Igora. But close enough ;-)

Julie - that board is AWESOME! Shall put it on the blog as soon as it's screened at MIP, beautiful work!

Bushy - blood, please...

Spleenal - TWO Dizzys? That's just plain greedy. Apologies in advance...

Jonathan Edwards said...

Looks great, Curtis.

Josh Parpan said...

Great design Curtis!!

Ash said...

BOB the Builder!!! I had no idea!

your work is always amazing and while I like the format of the blog the site is very nice. the nav is great.

Anonymous said...

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